No one can take away your union

Anyone who thinks elections don’t matter should talk with Danny Homan. As president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council 61, Homan oversees a union representing 40,000 public employees in Iowa and Missouri. Recent developments in Iowa show that anti-union forces, if given power, will use it to strip away decades of hard-won rights, such as bargaining over health insurance contributions, safety issues, paid time off, seniority and other rights we take for granted in Oregon. Homan told his story to... 

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OSEA’s first female president shares inspiring stories

No collective bargaining. Little to no paid sick leave. Employees working at the complete mercy of their bosses. That’s no dystopian vision of the future: That was life for Oregon’s classified school employees when Pat Gest was hired at the Hood River School District in the 1960s. That had all changed by 1996, when Gest retired as OSEA’s director of operations at the end of a storied career that included the distinction of being the union’s first female president. At age 90, Gest has lived long enough to see changes come and go, and she... 

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Eugene shares its experience with blitz

The fact it had just completed its own membership blitz a few days earlier earned Eugene Chapter 1 a special spot on Saturday’s agenda of the Leadership Summit. Eugene Chapter 1 President Ray Martin shares his chapter’s recent experience conducting a membership drive to attendees as Secretary Sheila Waggoner, far left, and Vice President-Treasurer Diana McElhinney look on. One day after he had called on all OSEA chapters to conduct at least one membership drive this year, OSEA President Tim Stoelb invited Eugene President Ray Martin to talk... 

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We need EVERY chapter involved to beat Janus

By Tim Stoelb, OSEA President OSEA has a lot of things to be thankful for as we head into the new year — almost 15,000 by last count. The 14,912 dues-paying members of OSEA understand there’s power in numbers. They know that by joining together in unity they can negotiate contracts with higher pay, better benefits and a stronger voice on working conditions than they can on their own. These contracts ultimately benefit everyone in the workplace — even non-OSEA members. Currently, OSEA has the ability to bargain “fair share” agreements that... 

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Join OSEA Today

OSEA is a labor union that represents 20,000 educational employees working in Oregon school districts, community colleges, education service districts, Head Start agencies, libraries and park and recreation districts. As one of the largest labor unions in Oregon, and with the second largest membership of educational staff, OSEA is a recognized leader within the state’s labor and education community. OSEA is the union of choice for secretaries, custodians, security guards, maintenance…  Read More

Education & Labor Advocacy

School bonds win with OSEA backing

Chapter-endorsed school bond measures won big around the state last week, with three winning and one more ahead in a squeaker of an election. The Coos Bay School District’s $59.9 million bond is currently ahead by a razor-thin margin of 28 votes; however, that’s a significant... Read More


OSEA communications team wins awards

The OSEA Journal received two major honors from the International Labor Communicators Association (ILCA). Produced by OSEA Communications Specialists Michael Plett and Jason Cox, the Journal received a 2nd place award from ILCA for general excellence in print publications among... Read More

All In for OSEA

Leadership Summit attendees are ‘ALL IN’

At this weekend’s Leadership Summit in Eugene, executive officers from more than 90 OSEA chapters committed themselves to a series of chapter membership drives in response to the threat posed by Janus v. AFSCME. The pending U.S. Supreme Court case could take away our ability to... Read More

Member Benefit

Don’t miss out on college scholarships

Application deadlines are not far away for three scholarships available to OSEA members and their relatives. Deadlines for the Lou Gerber and John Brown Undergraduate scholarships are March 1, 2018.  The deadline for the Guy Davis/Past Presidents’ scholarships is even closer... Read More

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