Backing school upgrades in Phoenix-Talent

Phoenix-Talent Chapter 96 is supporting their district’s school improvement bond. OSEA’s Education and Labor Advocacy Fund (ELAF) contributed $3,500 to the campaign. Pictured are, from left, Phoenix-Talent School Board Director Sara Crawford, bond committee member Roland Kretschmann, Phoenix-Talent Chapter 96 President Mary Nitcher and school board directors Dawn Watson and Shana Vos.

Phoenix-Talent Chapter 96 is supporting a school bond that will renovate Phoenix High School and improve safety, security and accessibility across the district. OSEA’s Education and Labor Advocacy Fund (ELAF) recently contributed $3,500 to help ensure the campaign’s success.

In a joint statement, the chapter President Mary Nitcher and Zone V Director Marina McCambridge said, “What a wonderful time for our school board, district office, OEA and OSEA to work together to secure funding for all our schools. We at Phoenix-Talent want to thank OSEA for their generous contribution that helped us kick off the bond campaign.”

If the $68 million bond measure passes, the district will capture an additional $4 million in state matching grants to complete critical projects such as seismic upgrades district-wide, major additions and enhancements at Phoenix High School, and improved access for people with disabilities.

ELAF supports measures and candidates at the local and state level, focusing on education and labor issues. The Oregon Political Tax Credit provides working families like ours a $50 tax credit ($100 for married couples filing jointly). Please consider using this unique tax credit to support ELAF and campaigns such as the Phoenix-Talent bond measure.

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