Big win for Eugene interpreters

American Sign Language interpreters in Eugene School District won a major victory recently in their demands for fair compensation for the work they do. Serving Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students throughout Lane County districts in classrooms, extracurricular and even social activities is a job that requires a high-level set of skills, certification and experience. Yet the pay scale... Read More

Bill would study workplace safety

OSEA members delivered passionate testimony in favor of a bill that would study how to make work environments safer for staff working in special education and related services. For years, OSEA has been drawing attention to the problem of school employees being injured by the students they serve. Several of those employees spoke before the Oregon Senate’s Committee on Human Services... Read More

How you celebrated Classified Employees Week

Last week was Classified Employees Week, and lots of you had your own chapter-level celebrations (or others celebrated on your behalf). Let’s recap: The Oregon City Education Association (OCEA) filled a box with messages about how “this place would be a ZOO without you!” Staff and students at Two Rivers – Dos Rios Elementary School in Springfield School... Read More

OSEA seeks outsourcing accountability

OSEA was joined by the Oregon Education Association (OEA) and AFT-Oregon in supporting a bill that would instill accountability into the outsourcing process, ensuring that cost savings do not come primarily from cuts to school district employees’ salaries and benefits. Student transportation, food and custodial services are popular targets for school boards when looking to... Read More

OSEA members lobby legislature for LED

About 150 OSEA members stormed the Oregon State Capitol on Monday, talking with lawmakers about important education issues and testifying on problems facing school employees. OSEA’s Legislative Education Day (LED) is held every two years during the Oregon Legislature’s “long” sessions during odd-numbered years. This year attracted unprecedented interest among OSEA members. In... Read More

Ready for Classified Employees Week?

Classified employees keep buildings and grounds safe and clean, prepare and serve nutritious meals, and work with teachers and other staff members to provide an ideal classroom environment. These are only a few of the wide variety of critical tasks we fulfill in Oregon’s schools every day. In short, we make schools work, and we deserve recognition for the vital role we play. That’s... Read More

Your retirement, your future: No cuts!

OSEA is speaking up in opposition to cuts to the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and related programs that would harm current workers like us in our golden years. At a hearing at the Oregon State Capitol on Monday, Feb. 13, Government Relations Specialist Tyler Shipman said Senate Bills 559 and 560 would harm classified school employees, who already are retiring at near-poverty... Read More

North Santiam reaches an agreement

After months of often acrimonious negotiation, North Santiam Chapter 122 finally reached a mediated contract agreement with the school district on Jan. 10. “We accomplished in eight hours with a mediator what we couldn’t do in eight months of bargaining with the district,” OSEA Field Representative Gabe Ortega said. “Things went so much smoother and productively with the... Read More

OSEA scholarship deadlines extended

Application deadlines are not far away for three scholarships available to OSEA members and their relatives. Deadlines for the Lou Gerber and John Brown Undergraduate scholarships have been extended to March 15, 2017.  The deadline for the Guy Davis/Past Presidents’ scholarships is also March 15, 2017. For members, the Lou Gerber Scholarship provides financial support to those... Read More

OSEA gain: Unemployment insurance change

In a victory for all education employees, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has issued guidance requiring states to allow those who quit their jobs for good reasons to receive unemployment compensation during school recess periods. “This is a huge step toward reversing the historic discrimination against education employees that currently denies our members unemployment compensation... Read More