Covert communication for school emergencies

By SUE GRAVES, OSEA Lincoln County Chapter 19

Have you ever wondered what pink Cadillacs have to do with school lockdowns? Well, you are about to find out…Whether from a police chase in the community, a suspicious person wandering into the school, or a horrific active shooter emergency, schools have to be prepared to quickly implement protective measures, such as a lockdown.

Secret Codes: In the 1990s, schools that had emergency lockdown plans often used secret codes to alert their staff to lockdown. At one school the administrator would turn on the public address system and say, “Attention staff, there is a tiger loose in the building. I repeat there is a tiger loose in the building.” Or, “Would the owner of the pink Cadillac please move your car from the loading zone?” At another school, the secret code was, “Elvis is in the building, I repeat, Elvis is in the building.”

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