Final Membership Incentive Program results

The final numbers for the Membership Incentive Program (MIP) are in. There were 34 chapters that will receive a 10 percent incentive, 46 at 5 percent and 23 at 3 percent.

The incentive will be paid before May 31, and the chapter will be notified once the payment has been processed.

The chapter’s achievement will also be recognized at our annual Conference in June.

The incentive can be used in any way authorized by the chapter’s governing documents. Some ideas for using the money include funding membership drives, chapter-building events, emergency assistance and scholarship programs, as well as sending delegates to Conference.

We designed MIP to encourage chapter leaders to take an active role in promoting the union through membership drives and one-on-one conversations. The program has exceeded our own expectations with almost 80 chapters conducting membership drives this year, helping us sign up more than 3,000 new members.

The results can be found here.

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