Get inspired by awesome member-activists!

The testimonials and evaluations from OSEA members attending our largest-ever Legislative Education Day are in — and this event was a big hit with educational employees from across the state.

Here’s a sampling of what members had to say. We hope these inspire you to consider getting involved in making better policy for schools and working people throughout Oregon!

I found it very informative and very interesting. Being it was Port Orford’s first time in years we thoroughly enjoyed the whole event and learning all the interesting aspects about how a bill works. Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me. I hope to come to future events. Thank you very much for that opportunity.” – Terri Betters, Port Orford-Langlois Chapter 27

“I really enjoyed the visits from key state officials. My meetings with my area legislators were some of the most productive I’ve ever had.” – Anna Taylor, Beaverton Chapter 48

“I was nervous about going since it was my first time, but once I was there I had a complete change of heart. Everyone was so supportive, and I learned so much. … I hope to go every year it’s offered until I retire. Amazing experience!” – Michele Straub, Parkrose Chapter 44

“This was the best one yet – such great training. I felt so prepared when speaking with legislators, and I enjoyed the extra time to talk with other members about issues facing different areas of the state.” – Debbie Christian, Bend-La Pine Chapter 6

“Political issues can be very complicated, and it was helpful to have things broken down so that we could understand them more easily and be able to relate to them in a way that helps us know the ramifications better. I believe we were able to shed some light on not only information that legislators needed to hear, but give personal testimony to how we and those we work with are affected by policy.” – Kristina Shellhorn, Medford Chapter 15

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