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American Fidelity

For more than 40 years, American Fidelity Educational Services has successfully worked in the education community providing a variety of group insurance plans and services to public and technical schools, state and local education associations, administrator associations and higher education groups. American Fidelity has experience in understanding the needs of personnel in the educational market and offers quality products specifically designed for classified employees.

American Fidelity has been active in establishing Section 125 flexible benefit plans since 1979 and provides Section 125 services to nearly 3,000 plans in 31 states. American Fidelity is the leader in providing Section 125 plans in school districts. Their professionally-trained, salaried field staff is available throughout the year to assist in the ongoing administration of your Section 125 employee benefits plan, including dependent day care and unreimbursed medical expenses. For information about Section 125, click here.

Claim forms for your Section 125 benefits plan are available by clicking here: Claim Forms.


American Fidelity also offers a permanent, portable life insurance product that offers coverage for you, your spouse, your children or your grandchildren. Life insurance is permanent to age 100, with level premium guarantees and coverage for a significant period of time. Click here for more information.

In addition to the excellent service you will receive from your local American Fidelity representative, their home office has a full support team of knowledgeable colleagues to assist you at any time with a personal visit, by telephone and by fax.

An advantage to working with American Fidelity is their strong, personal commitment to the community. Their staff is familiar with the distinctive economic, social, educational and labor-related conditions that are present in Oregon, a definite advantage when communicating with an employee on the personal benefits of a Section 125 plan.

We believe their knowledge of school systems, coupled with their salaried account manager approach, creates the best possible situation for our members. It is American Fidelity’s continuing commitment that provides quality products and services to our valued members. For more information, call 877/293-1090 ext. 41 or visit www.afadvantage.com.