OSEA Board endorses Yes on Measure 101

A major accomplishment of the 2017 Legislature was ensuring stable health care funding for Oregonians via passage of a modest provider assessment. This bipartisan solution was already in place in 48 other states and is a smart method to guarantee access to health care for every child in the state and 95 percent of all Oregonians.

That’s why the OSEA Board of Directors urges a yes vote on Ballot Measure (BM) 101, which will help stabilize health care costs by emphasizing low-cost preventative care. Passage of BM 101 keeps in place a bipartisan health care plan developed by experts in the field, businesses, unions, hospitals, patient advocates and AARP.

“Thousands of our students — and many classified employees and their families — rely on the Oregon Health Plan and other critical assistance programs that Oregon offers. This measure is an issue of human decency. Passage of BM 101 is instrumental to ensuring continued access to health care for our most vulnerable,” OSEA President Tim Stoelb said.

The measure ensures that hospitals, insurance companies and other health care providers pay into the program. It adds between $210 and $320 million in state funding to health care and smartly leverages federal matching funds, bringing billions of dollars to Oregon. For Oregonians buying insurance on the private market, BM 101 slows premium growth by funding the state’s reinsurance program.

Opponents of the measure will no doubt try to scare us with the same fear and smear tactics we’ve seen any time our elected officials act in favor of the people, not big business. Don’t be fooled: BM 101 is right for Oregon families.

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