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Advisory Committee
The duties shall be to cooperate with other committees or other organizations in any way that is of mutual benefit to either organization, to gather information and develop materials which can be used by OSEA and to undertake projects, which may be requested by the OSEA Board of Directors.

Conference/Credentials Committee
The Conference/Credentials Committee has the responsibility of planning Conference. This shall include preparing the agenda, setting up the Conference facility and keeping members up-to-date regarding Conference preparations.

Finance Committee

The duties shall be to prepare and recommend an annual budget, comparative expenditure information for the two fiscal years prior to the current year, side-by-side with the budget for the current year and coming year, presented in a format similar to that of a school district budget, meaning a more detailed report for approval by the voting body at Conference.  It shall audit or cause to be audited the books of the association.

Public Relations Committee
The duties shall be to identify programs and activities that benefit the organization, the membership and/or the public at large.  It shall also develop and implement a plan to promote and publicize such programs and activities to the membership and the public by utilizing internal and external media sources.

Resolutions/Constitution Committee
The duties shall be to receive and edit all resolutions for the current year prior to Conference, confer with and advise any committee or member regarding the effect of any proposed resolution, determine the effect of all resolutions on the Constitution and shall have the arguments pro and con on each resolution printed in the Journal.

Scholarship Review Committee
The duties shall be to review applications for scholarships and make awards to the proper applicants subject to the established guidelines.

Government Relations Committee
The duties shall be to support favorable legislation and oppose unfavorable legislation to the association and to make recommendations to the Board on political and legislative issues.

Member Benefits Committee
The duty shall be to evaluate all insurance programs offered and work with and evaluate the insurance broker, the plans provided and the education available on statewide plans.  The committee shall also provide a program to inform and educate our members in the area of employee and member benefits.  The committee will develop, review and evaluate OSEA benefits/programs affecting retirees. The Member Benefits Committee shall make reports to the Board of Directors.

Election Committee
The duties shall be to search for members in good standing to run for positions and, if possible, each Board position shall have more than one candidate, who will be voted on at Conference; and nothing herein contained shall limit other nominations from the Conference floor. The committee shall also inform all candidates for office of the approved campaign guidelines and ensure that such guidelines are consistent with the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA).



If you are interested in joining a state committee, contact the State Office at 800/252-6732 or info@osea.org.