Playground, maintenance workers need protection

OSEA supports policies that promote safe, healthy environments with fully-trained, high-quality career professionals serving the needs of the public. We are supporting passage of Senate Bill (SB) 327A, which would extend recreational immunity to grounds and maintenance professionals as well as custodians while acting in the scope of their assigned duties.

This means that employees will not be held liable for injuries resulting from negligence of an employer when their employers space is used for recreational purposes including fishing, swimming, boating, camping, picnicking, hiking, nature study, outdoor educational activities, waterskiing, winter sports, viewing or enjoying historical, archaeological, scenic or scientific sites or volunteering for public purpose projects.

The K-12 student population in Oregon continues to grow, yet due to underfunding in some districts maintenance positions have been cut resulting in work order requests being back logged for up to 3 years. Employees in recreational districts and school districts do as much as they possibly can with the limited staff resources, tools and training provided.

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