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Political and Legislative Action Network (PLAN)

In 2008, OSEA and AFT-Oregon signed an agreement establishing the Oregon AFT Political and Legislative Action Network (Oregon AFT PLAN).   The purpose of PLAN is to coordinate political and legislative programs of Oregon AFT affiliates at the state level. PLAN objectives include: establishing a united voice for AFT in Oregon; working and providing mutual support in areas of common interest; providing support for each organization on issues of singular interest; and educating all AFT members in Oregon about common political and legislative interests.

A PLAN coordinating group meets regularly. The group includes OSEA and AFT-Oregon presidents, executive directors, and government relations directors .

PLAN utilizes consensus for identification of issues of mutual interest, specific positions or actions relating to political and legislative issues; developing and submitting AFT Solidarity Fund applications; executing coordinated campaigns; receipt and distribution of AFT Solidarity Fund resources to expand and augment mutually agreed political and legislative action activities; has established procedures for state candidate recommendations; and for making recommendations on federal endorsements to AFT. For candidates and issues not mutually supported, each party is free to act as its leadership may determine.

Since 2008, OSEA and AFT-Oregon have used PLAN to develop joint candidate questionnaires; hold joint interviews of candidates seeking OSEA and AFT-Oregon’s endorsement; establish a joint legislative priority document; coordinate lobbying efforts in support of a joint or shared legislative agenda; and jointly organize and hold Legislative Education Day during each legislative session.