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We are professionals. The work we do requires knowledge, skill and commitment. In such a fast-paced, technologically advanced culture, we know one of the best ways to stay up to date with best practices and regulations is through OSEA’s training programs.


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Training held for pesticide licenses

OSEA has held several trainings on new pesticide regulations that affect classified employees throughout the state.

Senate Bill 637, signed into law in 2009, puts increased requirements on school districts and their employees on everything from spraying weed control products to something as simple as putting out a basic ant trap.

Previously, school districts held a license allowing them to use certain pesticides within guidelines. Now employees must have a license in categories such as general pest control, ornamental and turf/herbicide, ornamental and turf/insecticide and fungicide, moss control and structural pest control.

“The pesticide training is one of many OSEA educational programs available to keep our members current with new methods, laws and mandates related to their jobs,” said Ed Edwards, director of government relations for OSEA.