February Membership Numbers

As of the February 2019 field report, OSEA had 139 dues-paying chapters representing 22,415 employees, including 15,535 members and a statewide membership rate of 69.3 percent. There are 91 chapters on track to receive a Membership Incentive Program (MIP) check at the end of the fiscal year: 17 chapters so far qualify for a 10 percent incentive, 42 for 5 percent and 32 for 3 percent. We... Read More

Current MIP Numbers

Editors Note: The membership chart published in the November-December 2019 Journal had incorrect November membership percentages for eight chapters (Centennial, Central, Central Linn, Central Oregon Community College-ABS, Clackamas County Children’s Commission, Classified Personnel of Klamath Falls, Clatskanie and Clatsop Community College). Click here for a chart with all... Read More

Final Membership Incentive Program results

The final numbers for the Membership Incentive Program (MIP) are in. There were 34 chapters that will receive a 10 percent incentive, 46 at 5 percent and 23 at 3 percent. The incentive will be paid before May 31, and the chapter will be notified once the payment has been processed. The chapter’s achievement will also be recognized at our annual Conference in June. The incentive... Read More

Membership Incentive Program update

The final date to tally up membership percentages for the Membership Incentive Program (MIP) was May 1. As expected, there was quite a flurry of activity by chapters to get those last few applications in before the deadline. The numbers tell the story: When we started, OSEA represented a little more than 21,000 employees in 138 chapters. Of those, almost 15,000 were members and... Read More

All In Drives working; 1,270 new members

On Feb. 12, Three Rivers Chapter 22 became the latest OSEA chapter to go “All In” with a membership drive. Over the course of a week, the chapter planned to visit 12 schools in a sustained effort to build membership strength as OSEA braces for a devastating Supreme Court decision in Janus v. AFSCME. “I believe in our union,” Three Rivers President Gale Barlow said. ”I... Read More

Eugene shares its experience with blitz

The fact it had just completed its own membership blitz a few days earlier earned Eugene Chapter 1 a special spot on Saturday’s agenda of the Leadership Summit. Eugene Chapter 1 President Ray Martin shares his chapter’s recent experience conducting a membership drive to attendees as Secretary Sheila Waggoner, far left, and Vice President-Treasurer Diana McElhinney look on. One... Read More

Leadership Summit attendees are ‘ALL IN’

Published: Nov. 6, 2017 At this weekend’s Leadership Summit in Eugene, executive officers from more than 90 OSEA chapters committed themselves to a series of chapter membership drives in response to the threat posed by Janus v. AFSCME. The pending U.S. Supreme Court case could take away our ability to bargain “fair share” agreements with our employers. These agreements give... Read More

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