Resolution Information

Definition of a resolution

A resolution is the process by which any OSEA member may advocate to modify, change or create the following by delegate action at the OSEA Conference.

  1. OSEA Constitution
  2. OSEA Board Policy
  3. Organizational positions
  4. Standing Rules
  5. OSEA political/retirement issues

Submitting resolutions
OSEA Board of Directors, ROSE Executive Committee, committees, chapters or individual members may submit resolutions. Pursuant to Article XV, Section 1, of the OSEA Constitution, the executive director must receive amendments (resolutions) to the Constitution by Feb. 1.

Click here for a resolution submission form.

Mail resolutions to:  OSEA Resolutions Committee, 4735 Liberty Road S., Salem, OR  97302.

Proposed resolutions not affecting the Constitution may be submitted from the Conference floor.

Role of the Resolutions/Constitution Committee
The Resolutions/Constitution Committee studies the resolutions and advises Conference delegates on the effect the resolution would have on the Constitution. The committee is responsible for receiving and editing all resolutions and writing pro and con statements on each resolution to be printed in the Journal.

Resolution Format
The Resolutions/Constitution Committee recommends when submitting a resolution you utilize the following format or the resolution form provided:

  1. State the problem being addressed by the resolution (a resolution should address only one problem).  This section is headed with “Whereas.”
  2. State the proposed solution(s) to the problem. This section can be headed with “Therefore be it resolved.”  The resolution may suggest more than one solution.

Here is an example of a resolution written according to this outline:

WHEREAS         Contracting out does serious harm to public/private employees; and

WHEREAS         No one else does our jobs better than we do; therefore be it

RESOLVED       That we propose school districts not contract out classified employees’ jobs and that all school boards are sent copies of this resolution.

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