Article II – Objects

Section 1 - To assist the membership of the Association and those similarly situated in securing occupational training as a means of improving services rendered.

Section 2 - To promote a feeling of cooperation and understanding between employees, their employers and supervisors.

Section 3 - To cooperate with other employee associations.

Section 4 - To establish a better fellowship among the members of the Association.

Section 5 - To promote through legislative channels and other means adequate financial provision for improvement of working conditions of public and private school employees.

Section 6 - To support a satisfactory retirement system for public school employees.

Section 7 - To standardize the policies and methods of service.

Section 8 - To cooperate with other organizations which strive for the betterment of education and the furtherance of America and democratic principles.

Section 9 - To represent public and private school employees in their employment relations with their employers.

Section 10 - To address social, political and economic justice issues as they relate to workplace equity, political advocacy and union organizing.