Section 1200 – Assistant Zone Director

(Revised 2018 Conference-Board Meeting, May 2019)

1201 Appointment

Following each Annual Conference, the Board of Directors may appoint assistant zone directors based on the recommendation of each zone director to help coordinate and assist in the implementation of OSEA-approved programs and/or trainings within each geographical zone. Such appointments shall only be made when requested by the zone director.

1202 Eligibility

Only active members in good standing within a specific zone shall be eligible for appointment. Eligible candidates must have:

  • A basic working knowledge of OSEA and its history and structure, including the OSEA Constitution and written policies;
  • The ability and willingness to take directions and to follow through with a clear understanding of the assignments and limitations thereto.

1203 Term

Term of service shall be from date of appointment through the end of the zone director’s term of office or sooner upon recommendation of the zone director with concurrence of the Board of Directors. Nothing herein shall preclude reappointments.

In the event a zone director’s position becomes vacant prior to the next Annual Conference, the current assistant zone director’s appointment shall continue through the end of the next Annual Conference or until a new assistant zone director is appointed.

1204 Duties & Responsibilities

Accountable to and under the direction of the zone director, the assistant zone director shall:

  1. Assist in the planning and coordination of zone trainings, workshops or seminars;
  2. Attend chapter meetings or other zone or Association meetings or events on behalf of the zone director when directed;
  3. Be an authorized installing officer for newly-elected/re-elected chapter officers within the zone when requested or assigned;
  4. Provide assistance for non-technical assignments such as gathering and dissemination of information and/or materials to aid in providing personalized service to chapters within the zone.
    1205 Expense Reimbursement

1205 - Expense Reimbursement

Each assistant zone director shall be allowed to claim reimbursement for expenses incurred in accordance with Association policy, not to exceed $900 per fiscal year. Such reimbursements shall be deducted from the applicable zone director’s annual budget.

  1. Any expenditure of OSEA funds for any reason in excess of $900 per fiscal year shall require prior approval by the Board of Directors.
  2. An itemized accounting of funds expended to-date shall be reported to the Director of Fiscal Operations and the Board of Directors in the months of November, February and May of each fiscal year.