Section 1700 – OSEA Official Publication

(Revised 2011 Conference-Board Meeting, October 2011)

1701 - The Journal shall be the title of the Association’s official publication.
1702 - The Journal shall be published as required by the Association Constitution and Board Policy each fiscal year, June 1 through May 31. The OSEA Board of Directors may authorize publication of additional issues when deemed necessary and/or appropriate.

1703 - The State President shall oversee the editing, publishing, and distributing of the Journal.

1704 - The Executive Director, or designee, shall prepare a summary of delegate actions taken at the Annual Conference to include action on resolutions and results of all elections. Such summary shall be included in the first issue of the Journal published after Conference. (Revised Board Meeting, February 2015)

1705 - Upon recommendation of the Executive Director, schedules for regular publication and required deadlines shall be established by the State President for the ensuing fiscal year.

1706 - All eligible OSEA members, as defined in the Constitution, and others as determined by the Board of Directors, shall receive the Journal free of charge. Others designated to receive the Journal free of charge shall include:

All district superintendents and human resources directors by title and not by name

  • Governor of the State of Oregon
  • Members of the Oregon House and Senate
  • Members of the AACSE board of directors
  • State presidents of AACSE affiliates
  • Members of the AFT board of directors

The list of recipients will be reviewed annually by the State President and the Executive Director with any proposed additions or deletions being presented to the Board of Directors for revision approval. Without Board approval, others wishing to receive the official publication shall pay a subscription fee as determined by the Finance Committee.

1707 - Paid Advertisements (Revised Board Meeting, September 2006)

  1. OSEA-endorsed vendors may request to advertise in the Journal. OSEA will provide vendors advertising space twice a year as follows: (Revised 2011 Conference-Board Meeting, October 2011)
    • Half-page ad: $3,500 per Journal mailing
    • Quarter-page ad: $2,100 per Journal mailing
  2. All OSEA-endorsed vendors will be provided a copy of the Journal schedule and deadlines in August of each year.
  3. OSEA-endorsed vendors requesting Journal advertisements shall submit requests each September. The request shall include size of ad, layout, artwork, and which edition to advertise. Advertisement payment shall also be sent in with the ad request.
  4. OSEA reserves the right to make modifications, adjustments and schedule changes.
  5. Journal advertisements will be limited to organizational programs, endorsed vendor products, and organizational political advertisements. Individual business advertisements will not be allowed.