Section 200 – Staff

201 - The OSEA Board of Directors shall appoint and employ an Executive Director of the Association who shall be designated as the Association's Chief Executive Officer. The Executive Director shall supervise and conduct the daily activities and shall serve as Director of the Association with the policies established by the Board of Directors and Constitution.

210 - The OSEA Executive Director shall employ and direct the staff within the confines of the approved budget.

212 - All permanent positions with OSEA will be posted and advertised to recruit potential candidates. A team, consisting of the President of OSEA, one other Board member appointed by the President, the Executive Director, and appropriate staff shall review all applications and recommend the candidates to be interviewed. (Board Meeting, September 1996)

213 - The hiring goal for OSEA will be to hire the most qualified applicant for each permanent position. (Board Meeting, April 2001)

215 - Casual or temporary employees will only be used to address short-term workload issues or for a specific campaign. The Executive Director shall consider all qualified members to fulfill the need, during their off time periods of seasonal unemployment, or by using time release, prior to hiring temporary staff. Casual or temporary employees will only perform work related to the workload issue or the specific campaign. (Board Meeting, September 1996)

220 - The OSEA Executive Director shall be the Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of the Association.

221 - The Executive Director, in conjunction with the Director of Fiscal Operations and the OSEA Finance Committee, shall prepare an annual budget for presentation to the OSEA delegates at each Annual Conference. (Revised 2016 Conference-Board Meeting, December 2016)

222 - The Director of Fiscal Operations shall receive all dues and monies of the Association, which shall be kept under the direction of the Executive Director and President. The Director of Fiscal Operations shall pay all expenses necessary for conducting the Association business. (Revised 2016 Conference-Board Meeting, December 2016)

223 - The Executive Director shall prepare and submit a financial report at each meeting of the Board of Directors.

224 - All checks written on the Association's accounts shall bear one signature. The authorized signatures for the Association's accounts shall be those of the Director of Fiscal Operations, the Executive Director, and the President. (Revised 2016 Conference-Board Meeting, December 2016)

230 - When the need arises to hire a new Executive Director, the Board will conduct a nationwide search for qualified applicants. The applications will be received by a neutral party selected by the Executive Board. This party will select the most qualified applicants. The Board will then appoint a screening committee to review these applications and will select from 3 to 5 candidates. These candidates will be invited to appear before the Board of Directors, who will make the final selection. (1985 Conference; Revised Board Meeting, November 1994; Revised 1997 Conference; Revised Board Meeting, October 2021)

235 - Any person who is a probationary or permanent employee of the Association may not hold a membership in the Association regardless of any other eligibility status for membership.

Any person who holds an OSEA Lifetime Membership in this Association and who is employed by OSEA shall have their voice and vote suspended as long as they remain an employee of the Association. (Board Meeting, April 2005)

240 - The Executive Director shall establish job descriptions for all members of the OSEA state staff. (1985 Conference)

241 - The Board of Directors shall have the final approval of such job descriptions. (1985 Conference)

242 - The job descriptions shall include all duties performed, desirable qualifications for the positions, and education required to fill such positions. (1985 Conference)

243 - The Executive Director will cause yearly evaluations to be carried out for each staff member. (1985 Conference)

244 - The Executive Director shall visit each zone annually. These visitations will be coordinated through the respective zone director. (Board Meeting, April 1995)

244.5 - The Executive Director shall direct OSEA staff members to inform all seated Board members within a zone of any official visits to said zone. This shall be done in a timely manner, as soon as arrangements have been made. (Board Meeting, October 1998) It is agreed that the following principles may be helpful in guiding the implementation and enforcement of the policy:

  1. The policy shall adhere to all OSEA staff when they are involved in meetings with members outside their normal service or work area;
  2. A reasonable expectation is that a courtesy phone call to a Board member will constitute informing a Board member. (It is recognized that meeting notices for many "official visits" are currently and will continue to be sent to Board members);
  3. Official visits are any meetings with members involving OSEA business;
  4. Timely means prior to the visit and as soon as practically possible.

250 - The Executive Director shall cause each delegate's packet to include a list of Association owned automobiles including the (1) year and make of auto; (2) mileage as of June 1; (3) driver of car; and (4) driver's position with the Association. (1990 Conference)

260 - All OSEA distributed flyers shall be printed on recyclable paper. (1990 Conference)

270 - Disposal Of Capital Items (Board Meeting, October 2005)

  1. Twice yearly, the Executive Director will provide the Board of Directors with an inventory of capital equipment to be disposed.
  2. Any capital items to be sold, leased, given away, or otherwise disposed of shall be approved by the Board of Directors upon recommendation of the Executive Director.
  3. The Executive Director’s recommendation shall specify the recommended means of disposal for each item. For example, offer for sale to the membership/staff, sell for scrap, contribute to charitable entity, give away, take to landfill, etc.
  4. Upon Board approval of the disposition of assets by sale to the membership/staff, a General Information Bulletin (GIB) shall be issued to all chapter executive boards and staff listing all assets approved for sale, their condition, fair market value, the date of sale, where the asset is located, and instructions in the bidding procedure.
    1. All bids shall be by closed or sealed bid and must be received prior to the deadline for date of sale established in the GIB. All purchases shall be paid by Money Order or Cashier's Check. The purchaser shall be responsible for picking up any item purchased at the location listed in the GIB within ten working days. If the purchaser does not pick up the item(s) purchased within 10 working days, the next highest bid shall be accepted. All sales shall be final and on an “as is” basis.
  5. If there are no bids received, or interest shown on any of the assets offered for sale, the Executive Director shall approve appropriate disposition of the asset and shall file a report with the Board of Directors. The Executive Director shall keep the Board informed through quarterly reports regarding approved disposed capital items.