Section 500 – Contributions

502 - The OSEA Board of Directors encourages members and others to support OSEA’s government relations efforts to pass ballot measures and elect representatives that are education- and labor-friendly by contributing to OSEA’s Education and Labor Advocacy Fund (ELAF); a segregated non-interest bearing account. (Board Meeting, December 2012)

510 - Within 30 days of receiving voluntary contributions to the Education and Labor Advocacy Fund (ELAF), all or a portion of the funds may be cycled through the AFT Partners in Political Education (PIPE) program. Contributions remaining in ELAF shall be transferred to the OSEA Solidarity Fund (a segregated non-interest bearing account) within the same 30-day period. (Board Meeting, December 2012)

510a - AFT Solidarity Funds, AFT Partners in Political Education (PIPE) funds and other funds (other than voluntary) dedicated to legislative and/or election purposes shall be deposited directly in the OSEA Solidarity Fund account. (Board Meeting, December 2012)

511 - The OSEA Solidarity Fund shall hold all funds used for state and local candidate campaigns, ballot elections and political issue campaigns. Disbursement of funds from the OSEA Solidarity Fund to OSEA Political Action Committees or issue campaigns requires Board approval. (Board Meeting, December 2012)