Section 700 – Policy Amendment

701 - The President shall notify all Board members in writing of all policy amendments to be considered at a meeting of the Board of Directors at said meeting.

702 - Board members desiring to amend OSEA Board Policy will notify the President in writing of the proposed amendments prior to the next scheduled meeting of the OSEA Board of Directors.

703 - Board Policy amendments must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

720 - The Executive Director will prepare and distribute to all Board members copies of the revised OSEA Board Policies within 60 days of ratification or amendments.

730 - The Executive Director shall facilitate and has the authority to make all changes to the Constitution and Board Policy necessary to honor the intent of all resolutions passed at Conference. Changes beyond the specific referenced resolution shall require approval by both the Board of Directors and the chair of the Resolutions/Constitution Committee. Changes failing to receive agreement by either shall result with the questioned changes being submitted to be considered at the next delegate Conference.