Section 800 – Organizing

801 - A major emphasis of OSEA is organizing school employees and providing assistance to the chapters.

802 - The primary responsibility for organizing rests with the Executive Director. All requests for information and/or assistance will be referred to the OSEA State Office.

803 - OSEA will provide assistance to employees desiring to establish their own chapters based on availability of resources and commitment of local leadership to actively participate in the building and/or development of their chapter.

804 - OSEA is committed to the internal organizing of OSEA chapter membership to keep chapters strong. OSEA is committed to externally organize and target the private sector contractors that bid on work normally performed by OSEA members. Internal and external organizing training shall be included in OSEA's Member Organizing Institute Training.

805 - A committee shall be established within each zone for the purpose of developing and implementing strategies to protect and defend OSEA, its chapters and its members from anti-union organizations. The committee shall be chaired by the zone director and comprised of members from chapters within the zone. The committee’s goals shall include, but are not limited to, combatting misleading and erroneous information about OSEA or that encourages members to opt out of OSEA membership; coordinating efforts to respond to communications from anti-union organizations; educating members about the threats posed by anti-union organizations; and developing strategies that will allow zones to respond to threats from anti-union organizations