Opportunities for Members

Every time an OSEA member says, “I can make a difference,” our union gets a little stronger! OSEA is a member-run union. We rely on members who have stepped up work on behalf of all of us.

The first step to making a difference is joining OSEA. Our strength is in numbers and every member counts! Once you’re a member, there are lots of ways to get involved.

In Your Chapter

Every chapter is unique, but each one is run by OSEA members! There are plenty of ways to support your colleagues by getting involved in your chapter. The best place to start is by attending a chapter meeting to meet your fellow members and learn what the chapter is working on. You can also support your chapter by:

  • Running for a position on the chapter executive board
  • Serving as a steward or worksite organizer
  • Negotiating with your employer as a member of the bargaining team
  • Showing solidarity with fellow members during bargaining

Whatever your skillset, there is a way you can contribute to running your chapter. Talk to your chapter president or field representative to learn more!

State Committees

It takes a lot of work to do all the things a statewide union representing 23,000 workers needs to do – more than anyone could do alone! OSEA committees work throughout the year to keep our union running. Serving on a committee is a great way to meet members from across the state and grow as a union leader. From developing OSEA’s budget to awarding scholarships to planning our annual Conference, committee members make important contributions to our union! Serve on a state committee.

Leaders Wanted

Every year, Conference delegates elect members to lead OSEA on the Board of Directors. Any OSEA member in good standing can run for a seat on the Board. Statewide officers (the president, vice president and secretary) serve 3-year terms. Zone directors serve two-year terms. Members declare their candidacy ahead of Conference each year.

Shape Your Union Through Resolutions

At the annual Conference, delegates discuss and adopt policies and goals that affect our union through the submission of resolutions. A resolution is a proposed amendment to OSEA’s governing documents. It can create or change a policy or organizational position.

Any OSEA member in good standing can submit a resolution by February 1 of each year to be debated and voted on at Conference the following June. The Resolutions Committee is a group of members that can help you refine and write your resolution before presenting it to Conference delegates. They will also create pro, con and fiscal impact statements to help delegates understand your resolution.