2018 Candidate Endorsements

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Statewide Officials

Governor: Kate Brown (D)

“I want to thank OSEA members for your steady support of the past few years. Together, we’ve been able to accomplish a lot, but there is more work to do.

“As your governor, I led bipartisan work on Medicaid funding and ensuring all kids have health care, making community college more affordable and putting more dollars into our schools. We worked together, in urban and rural communities, to build a better Oregon.

“Under my leadership, and with your partnership, we’ve made record investments in education. I proudly signed the single largest education budget in Oregon’s history. I championed Future Ready Oregon, an effort to close the skills gap between the workforce we have and the workforce we need for the future. It’s about ensuring that every Oregonian who wants one can find a good paying job. Through Oregon Promise, we’re lowering the cost of classes to as low as $50 per semester for high school graduates attending community college. We’re moving Oregon forward, but I know there is more work to do.

“I know that, in order to have world class classrooms, we need world class educators. Educators and the workers who keep our schools and campuses working deserve respect. My opponent wants to cut educator pay and benefits and undermine our schools. Meanwhile, I’ve stood up for workers at every turn by passing paid sick leave and raising Oregon’s minimum wage. I support the rights of workers to organize and, as governor, I signed legislation expanding workers collective bargaining rights.

“We need to keep moving Oregon forward. You can trust I’ll fight for you and ensure we’re protecting the Oregon we love.”


OSEA: Kate Brown a longtime champion of working people

Gov. Kate Brown’s steady hand could not have come at a better time for our state. Her path to the governor’s office was unusual to say the least. After her predecessor’s resignation, our state government was in turmoil. Brown was suddenly thrust from secretary of state into the governor’s office. The fact that state operations ran more or less as usual is a testament to Brown’s smart, stable leadership.

Since assuming office, Brown has led the charge to raise education funding, provide sick leave to every working Oregonian and increase the minimum wage. But her dedication to working people and good government stretches back decades.
As secretary of state, Brown championed and implemented the state’s automatic voter registration process, making it easier than ever to exercise our rights while streamlining government in the process. The Audits Division saved taxpayers millions of dollars by cutting waste and making all levels of government more efficient. As Oregon’s chief elections officer, she held elected officials accountable without fear or favor.

Brown started her career as an attorney practicing family and juvenile law. She saw the injustices struggling women and children faced, and she committed herself to making life better for them. Brown put that commitment into action by working to pass the Oregon Family Leave Act, making Oregon one of the first states in the nation to allow parents to stay home with their sick children without fear of losing their jobs. Her colleagues later elected her to be the first female Senate majority leader in Oregon.
We need Brown’s continued leadership in the governor’s office.

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Oregon Senate

SD 3: Jeff Golden (D)

“Despite the national craziness, we can do MUCH better in Oregon. That includes ensuring quality health care and educational opportunities for all (including higher education, vocational and community college programs); making sure working people have adequate, stable housing; and transitioning to clean-energy jobs that are already boosting the economies of other states. This requires progressive tax reform that shifts the burden toward big business and highest-earning Oregonians, as well as steady support for organized labor, which is the best counterbalance to the corporate power that’s come to dominate America. There’s much we can do to unrig the economy for working Oregonians.”


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SD 4: Floyd Prozanski (D)

Floyd has consistently voted to protect education funding, including historic reinvestments in 2013, 2015 and 2017. Those increases haven’t gone far enough; Floyd continues to urge his colleagues to join him in supporting even more robust budgets for K-12 education. In 2010, Floyd co-sponsored legislation helping more Oregon schools participate in the Afterschool Meal and Snack Program so students could focus on learning. He also supported the Oregon Opportunity Initiative to make college more affordable for Oregon families and legislation to help educators access high-quality professional development opportunities.


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SD 6: Lee Beyer (D)

“I am very appreciative of OSEA members’ continued support of my legislative efforts. The work school employees do every day to help young people learn and grow is the most important job of society. I thank you for what you do! Over my legislative career I have fought to return school funding to the levels of the past and what kids deserve. While we have made some progress, I am hopeful we will get the job done in 2019. And I will continue to protect the retirement of PERS members from unreasonable assaults.”


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SD 7: James Manning Jr. (D)

“I am committed to pursuing meaningful legislation that will improve our public education system, provide universal health care for all; protect workers’ rights; expand senior and disabled protections; promote green, renewable energy jobs; and fight for criminal and social justice reforms. I am honored to serve you in Salem. Thank you for your support.”


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SD 8: Sara Gelser (D)

“Dear OSEA members, it is such a privilege to carry your endorsement into this 2018 election. As a policymaker, I know how important it is to support our education workforce. As a parent, I know that kids can’t succeed or be safe at school without the dedicated, professional work of classified staff. Thank you for all you do every day, and I hope that I can earn your vote in addition to your endorsement!”


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SD 10: Deb Patterson (D)

I am committed to fully funding the Quality Education Model (QEM), providing more instructional aides to help teachers and students succeed, and replicating models that already succeed in Oregon, such as the ‘schools within a school’ in Woodburn High School, the Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC) in Salem and integrated grades that allow students to connect with peers and teachers over several years in ways that build a solid foundation for future learning. I would like to see the school year extended, more support for early childhood education and after-school programs, and increased diversity among teachers and staff.”


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SD 11: Peter Courtney (D)

“I am honored to have the endorsement of OSEA. OSEA members are with Oregon’s kids from Head Start through college, helping them achieve their full potential. Oregon owes you the same support you show our children. Finding a dedicated funding source for K-12 education is one of my top priorities for the 2019 legislative session, and I look forward to working with OSEA on achieving that goal.”


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SD 13: Sarah Grider (D)

Sarah is the mother of three, including two teenage sons and a 4-year-old daughter who just started kindergarten. Her oldest is affected by autism spectrum disorder, which led to her being interested in communication disorders and special education. Sarah works as an educational assistant in special education and is also president of OSEA’s Newberg Chapter 17. She is a veteran and has degrees in criminal justice and communications. She serves on the Citizen Rate Review Committee for the city of Newberg and volunteers with various environmental, women’s and labor issue activist groups.


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SD 15: Chuck Riley (D)

“Representing Senate District 15 is a pleasure for me and fighting to ensure education is kept at the forefront in Salem is one of my top priorities. As a senator, I fought for an increase of $800 million in education funding during budget negotiations, money that will go a long way to helping keep schools fully funded. I also supported legislation that would expand out-of-school programs for kids so they have a safe place to learn and have fun after the final bell of the day. I appreciate the hard work you dedicated OSEA members do every day.”


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SD 17: Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (D)

“I am committed to making Oregon the healthiest state in the nation through thoughtful lawmaking, ensuring access to affordable health care, enhancing our education system, balancing budgets with financial sustainability in mind, protecting our most vulnerable citizens through robust social service programs and ensuring a quality of life for every Oregonian through living wages and affordable housing.”


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SD 19: Rob Wagner (D)

Teachers-Oregon. Working with former OSEA lobbyist Tricia Smith and OSEA Director of Government Relations Ed Edwards, he has a proven record of fighting for our classified school employees, Head Start workers and library and recreation district staff. Rob was on the frontlines fighting against contracting out, supporting increasing budgets for our schools, working on government transparency, fighting for summer pay, protecting retirement security and expanding health insurance. Rob will take his passion for OSEA members to the halls and committee rooms of the Legislature.


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SD 20: Charles Gallia (D)

“I want to thank OSEA for your endorsement. I am proud to stand with the hard-working people who make our schools run. Thank you. With your support, I’ll be able to advocate for you, protect and advance your union rights, ensure livable wages and create better security for working families so we can all continue to help Oregon’s children become successful adults. So please, visit our website, sign up, show up and help us win in November!”


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SD 24: Shemia Fagan (D)

“As a daughter of a single father and a homeless mother, I know the struggles Oregon working families face because I’ve lived them. I worked my way through college and law school before starting my legal career defending families from unfair evictions. Today, I’m a civil rights attorney who stands up to fight injustices in my community. I’m ready to take that fight to the Oregon Senate.”


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SD 26: Chrissy Reitz (D)

“I want to thank OSEA for your endorsement. I am proud to stand with the hard-working people who make our schools run. Thank you. With your support, I’ll be able to advocate for you, protect and advance your union rights, ensure livable wages and create better security for working families so we can all continue to help Oregon’s children become successful adults. So please, visit our website, sign up, show up and help us win in November!”


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Oregon House of Representatives

HD 1: Shannon Souza (D)

“My platform concentrates on education with emphases on improving our graduation rates and further enhancing vocational education to include computer programming and coding. I believe that by entering into a collaborative with unions, private enterprises and public schools, we can create vocational classes that can help students find employment after school and during summer vacation. So after graduating high school, students would be prepared to enter a vocational education school. By investing in vocational education, we can lower the dropout rate, because not everyone wants to attend a four-year college.”


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HD 5: Pam Marsh (D)

“Oregon has many assets, including a robust natural environment, a history of innovation and a willingness to tackle difficult challenges. But our ability to support programs and institutions that serve children and families is limited by lack of revenue. Our financial stress began with property tax reforms that removed significant funding from schools and local governments. We are still trying to make up that deficit to fund our early education, K-12 and post-high school institutions. I look forward to working with OSEA to identify the support we need to prepare children to become contributing adults, good parents and skilled workers.”


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HD 6: Michelle Blum-Atkinson (D)

Michelle grew up in southern Oregon and graduated from South Medford High School in 2003. She has two daughters, ages 2 and 4, who motivate her to help Oregon schools succeed. As a legislator, she will strive for improved funding for all public schools and to protect teachers and staff in an increasingly difficult work environment. Michelle understands the critical issues facing schools and is honored to have the endorsement of OSEA. She will always be open to working with school employees to solve problems and improve student success.


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HD 7: Christy Inskip (D)

“I’m running for the state House of Representatives to make sure everyone’s interests are heard in the Capitol. I work for a living and believe we need elected officials who have more in common with us to make sure we are better represented. I will stand up for regular folks — not big corporations — to make sure all people have a voice. Our current education-funding deficit is unacceptable, and I believe funding education should be a top priority in Salem. Together, we can fund education, create living-wage jobs, increase access to quality, affordable health care and create more affordable housing.”


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HD 8: Paul Holvey (D)

“I believe education and training are key to growing jobs and Oregon’s economy. I will continue to support increases in our education budgets and advocate for early childhood programs, access to affordable, quality education and job training. To achieve this, I will continue to support tax reforms that ensure the wealthy pay their fair share for the services Oregon provides. I understand the struggles working families endure to make ends meet and will remain a leader in enacting legislation on paid sick leave, equal pay for equal work, raising the minimum wage and providing fair work schedules.”


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HD 9: Caddy McKeown (D)

“Thank you OSEA members for your work. I’m proud to represent House District 9 on the south coast. I spent many years working in schools and community colleges. I served on the Coos Bay School Board for more than a decade and then with ASPIRE, helping local students plan for after high school. As a legislator, I voted for the largest K-12 budget in Oregon’s history, fought for career and technical education funding and helped pass the Oregon Promise. I have seen first-hand the issues our students, faculty and staff face, and I will continue to support our schools with the resources they need to succeed.”

caddymckeown.com; facebook.com/representativecaddymckeown

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HD 10: David Gomberg (D)

“Thank you OSEA, for your long friendship and support. But more important, thank you to your members for their good work every day helping our kids and grandkids. You get them to school, feed them and take care of them. Nothing could be more important in a district where one in five are determined to be homeless and too many arrive at school hungry. Never doubt that you make a difference!”


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HD 11: Marty Wilde (D)

“I grew up a poor kid in the Coast Range. OSEA members like my bus driver, Ms. May, and school custodian, Mr. Drago, made sure I received a great public education that has allowed me to serve 24 years in the military, including three deployments and a Bronze Star. Now, I would like to pay forward that debt and make sure kids today have the same opportunities I did through full funding of our public schools. Education, health care and housing are all moral imperatives I support. Thank you for your support this November!”


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HD 13: Nancy Nathanson (D)

“Oregon’s economy continues improving overall, yet the benefits are mostly at the top. I will continue working for improved funding for education, health care and social services, including foster care, food security and affordable housing. Providing a healthy start and solid education is our strongest defense against crime, substance abuse and unemployment. We need to fund a quality learning environment at school, including classrooms, nutrition, counseling, libraries, health care, nonacademic activities and everything else that goes into making a fun, safe school that fosters student achievement. I appreciate your support and your part in Oregon’s future!”


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HD 14: Julie Fahey (D)

“I know our education system is one of the most important investments our state government makes. I have been a strong advocate for structural revenue reform that will allow us to invest in a quality education for all students in the state. This year, I was appointed to serve on the new Joint Committee on Student Success, which is charged with identifying specific improvements to Oregon’s education system along with the funding to implement our recommendations. I am proud to be endorsed by OSEA, and I look forward to working with you to fully fund education in Oregon.”

juliefahey.org; facebook.com/RepJulieFahey

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HD 15: Jerred Taylor (D)

“I am honored to be endorsed by OSEA and stand ready to fight alongside you in the Oregon Legislature. I will fight to fully fund and fully staff Oregon’s public education system, as well as work to ensure that PERS is protected for current and future retirees. I will fight to increase the progressivity in Oregon’s tax code and require highly profitable businesses to pay their fair share. I will also fight to ensure we aren’t funding education on the backs of teachers and school employees. Thank you for all that you do on behalf of education and student success.”


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HD 16: Dan Rayfield (D)

“It has been an honor serving as your state representative. During that time, we’ve made historic investments in education from kindergarten to college. We have also taken significant steps to support our workers and small businesses, protect the environment and ensure that all Oregonians have access to health care. Despite these accomplishments, there is more work to be done. We are committed to high-quality education, supporting our workers and small businesses, protecting the environment, improving the quality and access to health care, and campaign finance reform.”


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HD 17: Reneé Windsor-White (D)

Reneé supports comprehensive, affordable health care for all; increased funding for education; science-backed climate change research; common sense gun laws; protection of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; and increased minimum wage. Reneé is also the candidate of the Oregon Working Families Party and the Progressive Party of Oregon. She is endorsed by OSEA, Planned Parenthood–Oregon, Moms Demand Action/Every Town for Gun Safety, Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Common Cause, Humane Voters of Oregon and Gun Owners for Responsible Ownership. Reneé is a graduate of Yale University Divinity School and is chaplain for the Oregon State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

renee4or17.org; facebook.com/Renee.for.OR17

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HD 19: Mike Ellison (D)

“Based on my background, I think it is fairly easy to tell what the issues are that I am most passionate about. My service in the military reflects my concern for the needs of our veterans; my work as a director on the Willamette ESD Board demonstrates my commitment to bettering public education; and my experience working with the Marion-Polk Food Share and serving as a statewide chair of the governor’s State Employees Food Drive are both examples of my desire to address the problem of hunger and malnutrition that impacts so many families throughout the state.”


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HD 20: Paul Evans (D)

Paul is working to improve Oregon. He has served our community as an elected official, a teacher and union member, a volunteer firefighter and as an officer in the U.S. Armed Forces. Paul understands leadership is earned, not bought or given. He works across the aisle to get things done. As our state representative, Paul has worked to increase funding to care for veterans and protect seniors, strengthen enforcement of equal pay laws, make new investments in Oregon education funding, expand access to health care and strengthen protections for domestic violence.


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HD 21: Brian Clem (D)

“As a parent, I know educating a child is a team effort. Our librarians, special education assistants, administrators, teachers, education support professionals and so many more are all vital to a child’s education. I’m proud to be raising a daughter in the public schools here in Salem, and I’m proud to be endorsed by OSEA.”


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HD 22: Teresa Alonso Leon (D)

“As the first Latina immigrant and indigenous woman to be elected to the Oregon House of Representatives, I am proud of my heritage and proud to represent the district where I grew up. During my first term, I worked hard to reflect our community’s needs and values. I’ve fought for access to health care and quality public education, and I’ve been a champion for working families and small businesses. I have dedicated my career to expanding opportunities for everyone. As your legislator, I will never stop working for a future where everyone in Oregon has an opportunity to succeed.”

electalonsoleon.com; facebook.com/TeresaAlonsoLeonForHD22

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HD 23: Danny Jaffer (D)

“I am running because our community deserves a state representative who is committed to achieving results, not simply advancing the interests of an anti-union, hateful, extreme ideology. My top priorities are education funding, including K-12 schools, career and technical education opportunities, community colleges and universities; health care that is affordable and accessible; tax fairness; and clean air and water so our farms, forests and vineyards can thrive into the future. I will not cut PERS. A promise is a promise! Public employees, especially those at all levels of education, deserve respect and dignity, and should not be made into scapegoats.”


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HD 25: Dave McCall (D)

Dave on fighting for every child: “Our students need us to fight for their education so they can succeed. It is time to respect our teachers and students by making sure they have the supplies they need.”

On businesses: “Local businesses are the backbone of our communities, and I will work with local business owners to help find solutions that help them. Oregon needs to reduce the heavy burden those businesses endure to help our communities flourish.”

On jobs: “Oregon can be the leader in exporting renewable energy, bringing new jobs and economic opportunities to our communities.”

friendsofdavemccall.com.com; facebook.com/DaveMcCallOR25

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HD 27: Sheri Malstrom (D)

“Thank you OSEA members for your continued support! I care deeply about this place we call home, where I have lived my entire life and raised my three children. I will fight to preserve the things we care about most: healthy schools, a healthy economy and a healthy environment, as well as more access to better health care at a lower cost. I look forward to working with you to help pass paid family medical leave in 2019.”


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HD 28: Jeff Barker (D)

Rep. Barker is a retired police officer and union leader who understands the power of collective bargaining to improve the lives of working people. He has served Washington County in the Oregon Legislature since 2003, and he has earned a reputation as a leading voice on public safety issues, a passionate defender of public education and a strong supporter of women’s health programs. Barker’s top priority next session is to increase support for our schools with smaller class sizes, a well-rounded curriculum and the financial support our educators, staff and students deserve.


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HD 29: Susan McLain (D)

“As a former teacher in Oregon for 42 years, I am honored to have earned OSEA’s endorsement again. I am proud to bring an educator’s voice to Salem and promise to keep fighting ceaselessly to improve our schools and classrooms.”


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HD 30: Janeen Sollman (D)

As your legislator, a former school board member, parent and advocate for our community, I’m running for reelection to the Oregon House to fight for the values we all share. I will continue to make education a top-tier priority and stand up for working Oregonians. I will work to fully fund our schools in order to create strong career pathways for students, professional development for staff and to address the rising cost of higher education. I will continue to be a champion for my community.”

janeensollman.com; facebook.com/JaneenSollmanforHD30

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HD 31: Brad Witt (D)

“Thank you OSEA members for the work you do every day. I am honored to represent House District 31 and will keep working to grow our collective economic security. I believe good jobs, decent affordable housing, workforce development and community investments are the foundations of our local communities. I work for balanced stewardship of natural resources and believe sustainable resource use and conservation are — and must be — compatible. I fight for the rights and benefits of veterans and advocate for strong public safety budgets, appropriate sentences for offenders and proactive planning for natural and man-made disasters.”


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HD 32: Tiffiny Mitchell (D)

“In my career as a social worker, I see what many teachers see. It has become too hard to get by, let alone get ahead, for many families and kids. It is my conviction that education is the bedrock of success and opportunity in our communities. I plan on working to make sure our kids and educators both get the support they need to foster success and prosperity in our communities. That means joining you to fight for funding, lower class sizes and to expand curriculums.”

tiffinyfororegon.com; facebook.com/TiffinyForHD32

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HD 33: Mitch Greenlick (D)

“I am proud to be endorsed by OSEA, as I have been during my eight terms in the Oregon House of Representatives. I will continue to work on behalf of my union sisters and brothers — and all of the people of Oregon.”


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HD 34: Ken Helm (D)

“I view the role of state representative as one of stewardship. I’m proud of the work I’ve done to stand up for working families, students and our environment. I have consistently voted to increase funding for K-12 and higher education, and I’ll continue seeking new ways to reduce class sizes and improve graduation rates. Career technical education and STEM classes are important to achieving those goals, and I support those programs. I work hard to find common ground and thoughtful, long-term solutions that improve the lives of Oregonians. I would be honored to continue that work.”

kenhelm.com; facebook.com/kenhelmoregon; twitter.com/repkenhelm

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HD 35: Margaret Doherty (D)

“As a proud and active union member for 49 years, I know how important it is, now more than ever, that we have strong union voices standing up for workers in the Oregon Legislature. It is because of my strong union background that I believe every Oregonian who works hard should have a fair shot at getting ahead. Hardworking families should never have to choose between buying medication and paying their rent — that’s why I have supported policies that will help ensure workers are kept out of poverty and that we strengthen the middle class.”


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HD 36: Jennifer Williamson (D)

“As a fourth generation Oregonian, this state has made me who I am. I’m honored to be a progressive voice for my neighbors in Portland and to lead the House Democrats as the majority leader. Side by side with my fellow Democrats, I’m fighting hard for a vibrant economy built on family wage jobs; standing up for a strong public education system, from early childhood through college; pushing to continue our state’s groundbreaking work to protect the environment; leading the fight to protect every woman’s right to choose; and safeguarding the hard-won equal treatment of LGBT Oregonians.”


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HD 37: Rachel Prusak (D)

“I’m running because I’m tired of people in power — elected officials who claim to represent us — ignoring their constituents in favor of special interests. So when my representative tried to take health care away from the most vulnerable Oregonians, including my patients, I decided it was time to run for office. Nurses unequivocally advocate for what’s best for people. We are the most trusted profession, and I believe it’s time we have that level of trust in our representatives.”

rachelforstaterep.com; facebook.com/RachelforStateRep

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HD 38: Andrea Salinas (D)

For more than 20 years, Andrea Salinas has been working to protect and pass policies that help working families, seniors and the environment, like increasing the minimum wage, fighting skyrocketing prescription drug costs and keeping kids safe in school. She’s eager to continue to lead in 2019 and to do so by leaving the door open, reaching out to lift others up and bringing more chairs to the table. This is the type of leadership we need at our state Capitol, and she asks for your support as Oregon’s State Representative for House District 38.


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HD 40: Mark Meek (D)

“Thank you OSEA members for your endorsement. We have a very important election this year, and I am honored to have your support. Classified school employees like you play an indispensable role in the lives of our children every day, and I am committed to continue being a strong voice for you in the Legislature. As state representative, I will keep working to strengthen our schools, lower health care costs and create more affordable housing.”


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HD 41: Karin Power (D)

“OSEA members, I am so grateful for your endorsement and support. As I run for my second term, I want you to know that my commitment to your safe and adequately funded workplaces has not wavered. Civic engagement is a team sport and, with your help, I’ll continue to fight in 2019 and beyond for a safe and healthy environment, strong community schools and stable housing for all Oregonians. Thank you!”

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HD 42: Rob Nosse (D)

“I am honored to have the support of the members of the Oregon School Employees Association. Solidarity is the only thing that has improved working conditions, pay and benefits. Stay strong. I will work with you to ensure that your right to bargain is protected.”


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HD 43: Tawna Sanchez (D)

“Two years ago it may have been difficult for many of us to imagine the struggles and realities we currently face across our nation. In spite of this adversity, it is ever more important, in my opinion, to push here at home for the shifts and changes we wish to see in our own communities. Today, the priorities of my office remain: enhancing the services we provide to children in the state’s care, always pushing for a more humane criminal justice system and giving the utmost consideration to our natural environment. Our work in 2019 will reflect these values.”


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HD 44: Tina Kotek (D)

“Thank you OSEA members for everything you do for the students you serve, for safe and supportive workplaces and for broader efforts to grow the middle class. I believe in building an Oregon where everyone can be successful and healthy. I will continue to fight for fairness and justice, whether it’s access to affordable housing or affordable health care; making sure our schools are adequately funded; or standing up for workers’ rights. I am honored to represent north and northeast Portland, and I appreciate your support.”


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HD 45: Barbara Smith Warner (D)

“It is an honor to be endorsed by the men and women of OSEA and to continue our work together to promote and defend the progressive policies that are moving Oregon forward. With your help, we will build healthy and equitable communities, advance opportunity for all and create a bright future for our children.”

barbarasmithwarner.com; facebook.com/barbarasmithwarnerfororegon

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HD 46: Alissa Keny-Guyer (D)

“I am a lifelong progressive Democrat who has served House District 46 (parts of northeast and southeast Portland) since 2011. I have worked hard to increase investments in infrastructure, education, housing and vital services, and to enhance worker rights. I am proud we have passed the minimum wage increase, wage equity, paid sick leave, retirement security, fair scheduling and other bills to support workers, but we have lots of work ahead! Please visit alissakenyguyer.com to see my vision of how to create a vibrant, sustainable economy that builds a strong middle class. I value my partnership with OSEA in reaching these goals!”


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HD 47: Diego Hernandez (D)

“I was raised in east Portland and am a product of the David Douglas, Parkrose and Reynolds school districts. My mom was a single parent who raised four kids in poverty. She taught us that hard work, perseverance and helping people was the key to survival and success. I believe everyone deserves a fair shot. As a former teacher and current Reynolds School Board member, I am worried we are not making the right investments in our education system and other public services. That is why, as your representative, I will champion public education by prioritizing stable funding.”


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HD 48: Jeff Reardon (D)

“I am proud to receive OSEA’s endorsement for the November 2018 election. Having been a school board member for 10 years and a teacher for 16 years, I understand the critical contributions that OSEA members make to help every child be successful. I will always work to maintain the hiring and retention of employees in districts and to improve their working conditions. I have been proudly representing District 48 since 2013, and I am excited to continue working for our community.”


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HD 49: Chris Gorsek (D)

“Working people face a lot of challenges in our area. That’s why I voted for legislation to raise additional capital for affordable housing and passed the only bill to protect tenants since the beginning of the housing crisis. I’ve fought for transportation improvements so you can spend more time with your family instead of in traffic. My legislation that fixed Oregon’s Strategic Investment Program was signed into law (fueling unprecedented expansion by large employers into East County.) We have more to do on justice reinvestment, corporate transparency and homelessness; that’s why I’m working to earn reelection.”


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HD 50: Carla Piluso (D)

“As a member of the Gresham-Barlow School Board, I know for a fact your hard-working members are essential to providing all our kids a first-class education. I’ve lived in Gresham for nearly 40 years; from police chief to state representative, I’ll never stop advocating for our diverse and growing community. I am proud of what we have accomplished in my time in the Legislature. We’ve funded affordable housing, protected workers, invested in schools and increased school safety. Of course, there’s still more to be done, and I’m excited to jump in next session with OSEA’s support.”


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HD 51: Janelle Bynum (D)

“Thank you to the members of OSEA for your endorsement. Each morning, I send off my two youngest kids in the caring and capable hands of an OSEA bus driver. And when I visit the school, I’m comforted in knowing that the classified staff are on the front lines making sure every child’s needs are met. I am committed to stabilizing funding for Oregon schools, and I will continue to support our teachers, educational assistants, bus drivers, custodial workers and the countless other school employees who work hard to make sure every child in Oregon has the opportunity to achieve.”


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HD 52: Anna Williams (D)

Anna Williams is a social worker, educator, community leader and a mom who will fight for HD 52’s values as a state representative. As a mom and teacher, she believes we need to invest in our schools so we can reduce class sizes and provide greater access to career/technical education. As a social worker, Anna knows we need to treat our seniors and veterans with the respect they’ve earned. As an environmentalist, Anna values Oregon’s natural heritage and will fight to protect Mount Hood, the Gorge and Oregon’s natural beauty, and will champion policies to respond to and reduce climate change.


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HD 53: Eileen Kiely (D)

Throughout Eileen’s career as a naval officer and Fortune 500 financial controller she has formulated innovative solutions for real-world problems.

Eileen will bring her financial and negotiating skills to Salem to help find real solutions to the PERS legacy debt.

She supports a buy-in option to the Oregon Health Plan for the thousands of Oregonians who lack choices for affordable coverage.

Eileen is experienced at breaking down complex issues into solvable pieces.

She has real world experience in how corporations invest and understands the most precious asset Oregon employers have is the Oregonians who make their business possible.


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HD 55: Karen Rippberger (D)

“Everyone matters. Everyone in our schools matter. OSEA members matter to their schools, and they matter to students. You make a positive difference in students’ lives every day and can be proud of your work. Without you, schools grind to a halt. In order to serve students, we must take care of their caregivers — that’s you. You need adequate training to work with the most challenging students, safe working conditions, excellent physical and mental health care, and time to recharge. I’ve been where you are; tell me what you need so the state can deliver. Together, we’ll get it done.”


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HD 56: Taylor Tupper (D)

“I am a tribal native born in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I was raised on a ranch in the Sprague River Valley and come from a long line of cowboy and horse people. I have spent the last 26 years working for Klamath Tribes as a public relations/news department manager. My professional work and volunteer efforts have helped me develop my leadership skills and allowed me to become a strong advocate for the things I care about: ecosystem restoration, economic development, youth advocacy, forest/natural resource recovery, tribal rights, cultural diversity and equality, salmon recovery, dam removal, renewable energy and cultural tourism.”

tupper4oregon.com; facebook.com/Taylor-Tupper-4-Oregon-419971181777249

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HD 57: Greg Smith (R)

“For over 18 years, I have had the privilege and honor to represent the citizens, communities and schools in House District 57, which includes Umatilla, Morrow, Gilliam, Sherman and Wasco counties. I am running for office because I believe my tenure and experience — especially regarding the budget — will help us find solutions to the issues we face as a state. I also strive to make sure eastern Oregon is at the table, and I advocate for bringing our tax dollars back home to be reinvested in our communities. I hope I can count on your vote this November.”


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