Membership Incentive Program (MIP) Frequently Asked Questions

Why did OSEA create the Membership Incentive Program (MIP)?

MIP encourages chapter leaders to take an active role in promoting the union through membership drives. High membership levels help us advance our Work Shouldn’t Hurt campaign, defend PERS from legislative threats, advocate for affordable health care, strengthen our position at the bargaining table as well as protect our contracts.

How does MIP work?

Chapters receive a monetary incentive based on their percentage of dues-paying members. MIP will use the membership rate OSEA has on file for each chapter as of May 1 to calculate the incentive. Chapters with a membership rate of:

  • 95–100 percent get an incentive equal to 10 percent of their annual state dues
  • 80–94.99 percent get an incentive equal to 5 percent of their annual state dues
  • 70–79.99 percent get an incentive equal to 3 percent of their annual state dues

What do you mean by chapter membership rate?

The membership rate is the percentage of dues-paying members in a bargaining unit. For example, a school district with 100 classified employees may have 70 people who have signed OSEA membership applications resulting in a chapter membership rate of 70 percent.

What do you mean by annual state dues?

This is the total amount of membership dues deducted by your employer, excluding any local chapter dues. The incentive will be based on the actual amount received by the OSEA State Office over a 12-month period (April 1 to March 31).

When and how do chapters get their incentive?

Chapters will receive their incentive before May 31 each year (the end of OSEA’s fiscal year) and be recognized for their achievement at our annual Conference in June. Incentive funds are paid to the chapter. Payments will be made to the local chapter’s bank account either through direct deposit or a check sent to the chapter’s treasurer or president.

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