Communication is key to success

One of the best places to set up an informational table and meet with employees during a chapter membership drive is the staff break room. But what if that venue is unavailable? How do you make sure you’re still able to have those valuable one-on-one conversations?

Ashland Chapter 42 President Lisa March awaits members armed with cookies and “Mango Monster.”

Ashland Chapter 42 President Lisa March has a knack for pulling this off, according to OSEA Organizer Elissa Edge. The key is communication. March creates flyers announcing the meeting and puts copies in everyone’s mailbox as well as emails everyone ahead of the site visit.

“People are very aware when their chapter president is in the building,” Edge said.

In February, March met with classified employees at Ashland Middle School, where she held court in a borrowed office with two pitchers of a green smoothie she called “Mango Monster,” a plate of cookies and plenty of membership information.

“Since everyone knew in advance that she’d be there, we had folks bringing lists of questions, concerns and stories,” Edge said.

Some of the questions were about wages, equity among coworkers, Weingarten Rights and how to find language in the contract. Some employees stopped in simply to say “thank you.”

“It’s a pleasure to see such a caring chapter president reaching out to the members,” Edge said. “I’m fascinated that she is able to set this up away from the break room — and people still seek us out.”

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