2017 Action on Resolutions; Elections

Full resolution and election results from OSEA Conference 2017 are below, with outcomes in italics:

Resolution Results

Unfinished Business (Conference 2016)

Resolution 5 — Combines language relating to dues and assessments located in various articles in the Constitution into one new article; itemizes the state per capita dues rate: Passed

Conference 2017 Resolutions

Resolution 1 — Maintains the current dues rate of 1.8 percent and reinstates a cap on per capita dues to $45,000: Failed

Resolution 2 — Maintains the current dues rate of 1.8 percent and adds an annual dues maximum of $756 annually: Withdrawn

Resolution 3 — Changes the current dues rate from1.8 percent no cap to 1.5 percent no cap: Withdrawn

Resolution 4 — Eliminates the Advisory Committee as a state standing committee: Passed

Resolution 5 — Eliminates the Member Benefits Committee as a state standing committee: Withdrawn

Resolution 6 — Combines two similar membership categories into one; removes the rights afforded active members at Conference of voice and vote for members in this category: Passed

Resolution 7 — Creates a special committee to study issues including but not limited to whether the current formula for determining Conference delegate voting strength is still appropriate, why chapters do not send delegates to Conference or do not send their full allotment, and whether the current one-person-one-vote method provides sufficient membership participation: Failed

Resolution 8 — Eliminates the requirement that a zone reapportionment committee be convened every five years when there is no significant increase/decrease in represented bargaining unit members or chapters; expands the parameters the committee may utilize when determining whether a reapportionment should be recommended: Passed as amended

Resolution 9 — Incorporates into the Constitution the authority for delegates to be selected to serve as Oregon AFL-CIO Convention delegates or delegates to Central Labor Councils/Chapters; changes the selection process for the convention delegate positions from an election to an appointment: Referred back to Board of Directors for further study.

Resolution 10 — Incorporates into the Constitution provisions required by either OSEA’s governing documents or the law relating to chapter compliance in the areas of collective bargaining, financial audits and reporting requirements: Passed

Resolution 11 — Changes the term for state standing committee members from a three-year term to a one-year term; provides the option for reappointment to a state committee without a term restriction: Passed

Resolution 12 — Removes the Credentials Committee from the Conference Committee and creates a stand-alone committee: Passed

Resolution 13 — Requires a segment involving scope of amendments be included in any parliamentary procedures training; requires the scope of amendment to be included for any dues resolution in both the Journal and any Conference materials: Passed

Election Results

Zone I Director:
Dianna Hess, Beaverton Chapter 48

Zone III Director:
Lisa Gourley, Sweet Home Chapter 3

Zone V Director:
Marina McCambridge, Phoenix-Talent Chapter 96

Zone VII Director:
Anjee Young-Whitnah, La Grande Chapter 24

AACSE Director:
Monica McCanna, Harney County Chapter 75

AACSE Alternate Director:
Sella Bemrose, North Santiam Chapter 122
Delores Piersol, Hermiston Chapter 10
Stacy Yelton, Woodburn Chapter 25
Anjee Young-Whitnah, La Grande Chapter 24

Oregon AFL-CIO Convention Zone I Delegate:
Dianna Hess, Beaverton Chapter 48

Oregon AFL-CIO Convention Zone II Delegate:
Melanie Garrison, North Clackamas Chapter 71
Everice Moro, ROSE

Oregon AFL-CIO Convention Zone III Delegate:
Sella Bemrose, North Santiam Chapter 122

Oregon AFL-CIO Convention Zone IV Delegate:
No nomination – No write-in

Oregon AFL-CIO Convention Zone V Delegate:
Sarah Wofford, Rogue Community College Chapter 152

Oregon AFL-CIO Convention Zone VI Delegate:
Erica Crossan, Madras Chapter 54
Robin Stoner, Harney County Chapter 75

Oregon AFL-CIO Convention Zone VII Delegate:
Megan Curry, Baker Chapter 20
Pam Zimmer, Baker Chapter 20