3 Resolutions Will Go Before Delegates

If adopted, resolutions amend OSEA’s Constitution, Board Policy, organizational positions and Standing Rules, shaping union actions in future years.

Our union’s Constitution and Standing Rules determine how OSEA functions — from the dues we pay to our advocacy agenda. Any OSEA member or group of members may advocate to introduce new language to or change the existing language of our Constitution, Board Policy, organizational positions and Standing Rules by creating and submitting a resolution.

After a resolution is submitted, it is processed by OSEA members who serve on the Resolutions/Constitution Committee. The committee carefully studies every submitted resolution and advises Conference delegates as to its affects.

Delegates will debate resolutions and suggest amendments at Conference before voting on each resolution. If delegates vote in favor of a resolution, that change is made to the document and put into effect.

Three new resolutions will go before Conference delegates this year. Delegates should familiarize themselves with these resolutions prior to Conference. All OSEA members should read the resolutions and share questions and areas for change with your delegates.

Conference 2023 Resolutions

NumberTitleSubmitted ByPurpose
1Recognizing OSEA Representation (PDF)OSEA Board of DirectorsTo amend the Preamble and Article II-Objects of the OSEA Constitution to better reflect the types of employees OSEA currently represents beyond classified school employees.
2Status of the American Association of Classified School Employees (AACSE) (PDF)OSEA Board of Directors To recognize the long-standing, continuing relationship OSEA maintains with the American Association of Classified School Employees (AACSE) while removing operational references in the OSEA Constitution that are currently not applicable.
3Election Committee Duties (PDF)OSEA Board of Directors To update the OSEA Constitution to more accurately reflect duties and responsibilities currently required of the Election Committee.