Actions On Resolutions; Elections

Full resolution and election results from OSEA Conference 2018 are below, with outcomes in italics:

Resolutions Results

Unfinished Business (Conference 2017)

Resolution 9 – Gives the Board of Directors the authority to determine the number of delegates to send to the Oregon AFL-CIO convention based on available funding. Requires candidates to complete a questionnaire itemizing their knowledge and experience that would be provided to OSEA delegates prior to election. Passed

Conference 2018 Resolutions

Resolution 1 – Reduces the annual per capita dues rate from 1.8 percent to 1.7 percent. Withdrawn

Resolution 2 – Creates a new Civil and Human Rights Committee. Passed

Resolution 3 – Requires the creation of a new bilingual (Spanish/English) staff position. Ruled out of order

Resolution 4 – Creates a new inactive membership category that would include those who are on an employer-approved leave of absence, laid off and on a re-employment list, or involuntarily terminated and the association is challenging the termination to maintain membership with OSEA for the purpose of completing officer/position terms and access to member benefits. Passed

Resolution 5 – Requires a study be conducted to identify the number of non- and limited-English-speaking members and the language(s) involved, and to determine their levels of access and participation in OSEA activities. Referred to the Civil and Human Rights Committee for implementation.

Resolution 6 – Requires changes be made at the state and local levels to ensure compliance with IRS regulations. Passed (as amended)

Resolution 7 – Requires the association to prioritize the hiring of diverse staff with an emphasis on women of color and to provide training of OSEA staff for leadership positions who possess the diverse life experiences of OSEA members. Ruled out of order

Resolution 8 – Removes the requirement to appoint assistant zone directors, providing the Board of Directors the flexibility to appoint only as needed. Passed

Resolution 9 – Changes the title “Junior Past President” to “Past President” and itemizes the eligibility to hold that position. Passed

Resolution 10 – Requires subsequent Conference locations be selected from among a maximum of three potential locations presented by the Conference Committee. Passed

Resolution 11 – Changes the effective date of the new zone reapportionment cycle from Jan. 1, 2018, to Jan. 1, 2020. Passed

Resolution 12 – Requires a review and revision of OSEA’s sexual harassment policy and procedures. Requires OSEA trainings to include a sexual harassment component to include trauma-informed responses. Referred to the Resolutions/Constitution Committee for further study.

Election Results

Zone II Director

  • Laura Nitti, Mt. Hood Community College Head Start Chapter 603
  • Melissa Siegel, Lake Oswego Chapter 12

Zone IV Director

  • Teri Jones, Coos Bay Chapter 33

Zone VI Director

  • Monica McCanna, Harney County Chapter 75

AACSE Director

  • Mary Hofer, Bend-La Pine Chapter 6

AACSE Alternate Director

  • Sarah Wofford, Rogue Community College Chapter 152