Conference 2023 Scheduled for June 22 to 24

OSEA’s 85th annual Conference will be held Thursday through Saturday, June 22 to 24, in-person at the Holiday Inn in Portland — Columbia River Waterfront (formerly Red Lion on the River). Conference will return to its traditional three-day schedule.

“I am excited to welcome our OSEA family back together for our annual Conference, and I hope every chapter participates,” said President Sarah Wofford. “Conference is an important chance for us to exchange ideas with members from other chapters and to plan for our union’s future.”

Conference is OSEA’s most important event. Delegates elected by their chapters meet to debate and vote on resolutions, approve the annual budget and elect officers to the Board of Directors. As a member-driven union, OSEA relies on delegates to set a course for the union that represents the interests of all members.

Delegates must be elected at chapter meetings in March, April or May; check with your chapter president for details which will be based on your chapter’s constitution. As Conference plans develop, the latest information will be posted on our website.

Scholarships are available for chapters who cannot afford to send a delegate to Conference. Scholarships may cover registration and/or lodging expenses.

The 2022 to 2023 OSEA Board of Directors is sworn in during Conference 2022. From left to right: Vice President Teri Jones, Secretary Mary Hofer, former Zone VII Director BeAnn Smith, Zone VI Director Lori Cole, Zone IV Director Sheila Waggoner, Zone III Director Sella Bemrose, Zone II Director April Biancone, Zone I Director Chelsea Shotts and President Sarah Wofford. Not pictured: BeAnn Zone V Director Lisa March, who joined the Board in August.