Newsy Awards Honor Chapter Communications

Across the state, chapter secretaries, presidents and volunteers work hard to make sure OSEA members have the information they need. Chapter newsletters, websites and social media are updated regularly with union news, important workplace updates and fun facts. These chapter communications inform, educate and entertain OSEA members and help keep us all connected.

In honor of the time and energy poured into chapter communications, and in recognition of the important role these communications play, OSEA’s Public Relations Committee presents the Newsy Award at Conference each year. The committee chooses honorees with the best use of chapter newsletters, websites and social media based on content, design, graphics, interactivity, grammar, originality and ease
of use.

Newsy Award nominations are being accepted through March 1, 2023. Complete the OSEA Newsy Award online form to make a nomination. Now is a great time to recognize the time and energy your chapter officers dedicate to keeping you informed!