OSEA Conference Resolution Deadline for 2022

Each year OSEA holds an annual Conference where member-elected delegates conduct the business of the union. Members do this by submitting resolutions to be considered by delegates attending Conference where action is taken on submitted resolutions them.

In accordance with the OSEA Constitution, Article XI, Section 3d, your Resolutions/Constitution Committee has been charged with informing and assisting members in the governance of their association. Our Constitution is determined by established law and member delegate action during OSEA’s Conference.

Our union is member run. This is your opportunity to propose change within your union.

All OSEA members are entitled and encouraged to propose constitutional amendments. Resolutions may be submitted by any active member in good standing, chapters in good standing upon membership approval, lifetime members, the Board of Directors and the Retiree Unit (ROSE). The Resolutions/Constitution Committee will help our members by providing the expertise, training, and support to have your resolution brought before the Conference delegates for consideration. We provide required guidelines, materials and forms, formatting assistance, and advice on how to present the specific idea or action so delegates at the annual Conference can make an informed decision.

If you are interested in submitting a resolution and need assistance, the time to contact the Resolutions/Constitution Committee is now. Simply contact us through Resolutions/Constitution Committee Chairperson, email Bob Bradetich. Once contacted, the committee will assist you through the process.

All resolutions to amend the Constitution must be received by the executive director by February 1, 2022.

2021-22 Resolutions/Constitution Committee