Student Success Act Brings Unprecedented Education Funding

OSEA members were instrumental in passing the Student Success Act (HB 3427) last spring. The measure provides an additional $1 billion each year to Oregon school districts, early learning programs and educational initiatives — a historic victory for students!

Thanks to input from educators, including OSEA members, funds are earmarked for key areas where schools have the greatest need: class size, well-rounded education, instructional time, and health and safety.

“Districts often tell us that funding for essentials just isn’t available, but we know that isn’t the case any longer,” said OSEA Government Relations Specialist Bob Estabrook. “Student Success Act funds are intended for exactly what our folks have been saying is needed. It’s a great opportunity to make progress.”

Although Oregon school districts will not receive new funds until 2020, they are beginning to plan now. Districts are required to seek input from staff and community members on implementing the Student Success Act. This creates an opportunity for OSEA chapters to make real change, from increased staffing and hours to additional training and more.

“OSEA members have great front-line experience in schools and know exactly where support is needed,” said OSEA Director of Field Operations Susan Miller. “Working with your field representatives, chapters should start talking with employers about including quality employee input into needs assessments.”

One Oregon corporation briefly pursued a ballot measure to block the Student Success Act. They dropped the campaign over the summer when faced with overwhelming community support for education funding.