Our Union

The Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA) is a labor union that represents 20,000 educational employees working in Oregon school districts, community colleges, education service districts, Head Start agencies, libraries and park and recreation districts. As one of the largest labor unions in Oregon, and with the second largest membership of educational staff, OSEA is a recognized leader within the state’s labor and education community.

Every OSEA chapter receives assistance with contract negotiations, contract enforcement, grievance representation, organizing members around issues of concern and communications.

Training & resources
OSEA provides resources for members in the areas of professional development, leadership training, steward and Worksite Organizer training, and union building.

Political involvement
At every level, from local elections to statewide programs, OSEA promotes and protects the interests of members through education, political action and lobbying at the state Capitol.

OSEA members are public and private employees, but they are also community members who care about their neighbors, schools, state and nation. It is for this reason that OSEA feels like so much more than a union. It is like family.

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