About OSEA


The Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA), AFT Local 6732, is a member-driven union of education employees.

  • We represent more than 24,000 education professionals across Oregon.
  • Our members work in public schools, Head Starts, education service districts (ESDs), community colleges, parks and libraries.

OSEA Members are Trained & Dedicated Professionals

OSEA is a labor union and a family.

  • We keep Oregon schools and education programs running.
  • Our members support student learning, maintain facilities, perform essential administrative services, provide safe transportation and serve healthy meals.
  • We stand united for fair wages, safe working conditions and excellent public schools
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Proudly Member-Driven

OSEA reflects the spirit of our members. From the local chapter to the statewide association, our union is led democratically by members.

Meet the State Board of Directors

As a member, you have a voice in our union. The first step to making a difference is joining OSEA! Every member has a vote on their contract and chapter leadership. Once you’re a member, there are lots of ways to get involved.

Part of the American Labor Movement