Government Relations

Picture this: Oregon is a state that values education and the front-line workers who make it possible. With full funding, our schools and education programs are the best in the country. Dedicated, trained and knowledgeable professionals support student learning from early childhood through elementary, middle and high school and even college. Whether they work with students or behind the scenes, these professionals are treated with respect and paid a living wage.

This is OSEA’s vision for Oregon. Government relations is how we make it a reality. OSEA is a nonpartisan organization. We raise our collective voice for the education and labor issues that impact our members.

Take Action

As an OSEA member, you can make a big difference by advocating for change at the state level. Your voice and your story are powerful. Together, we can win legislative victories that will impact education workers, our students and our communities now and for years to come.

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What We Are Working On Now

OSEA’s 2023 legislative priorities focus on the most critical education and labor issues of the day: Just Cause for All, equal access to unemployment benefits, representation on education policy boards, sustainable school funding and supporting staff who work with the most high-needs students.

Members lead the way in all OSEA government relations activities.

Government Relations Office

Headquartered in the State Office in Salem, Oregon, the government relations office (GRO) connects members and lawmakers to advocate for our interests. Contact us to learn more: