Leadership & Governance

OSEA is a members’ union. We are democratically run, with members voting to set union policies and elect leaders. Every member has a voice in our union.

The highest governing body of OSEA are the delegates at the annual Conference. Delegates elected by their chapter to represent the interests of chapter members gather to discuss, shape and vote on union policies. Delegates also elect members to the Board of Directors, who govern OSEA in between Conferences.

The 2023-24 OSEA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of 10 members: three statewide officers and seven zone directors.

OSEA’s Constitution, Board Policy and Standing Rules set union policies and define the roles of union leaders. These governing documents have been created by OSEA members and can be amended by resolutions at the annual Conference.

Every member has a voice in our union. You can shape OSEA by: