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Conference 2021 Review

OSEA’s 83rd Annual Conference was held June 24 through June 26, 2021. For the first time in our union’s history, delegates logged in to a virtual platform to participate in the event. But even from afar, delegates representing chapters from across the state were able to connect, share and discuss ideas and take care of important union business.

State of the Union

President Lisa Gourley described OSEA’s efforts since the last Conference in June 2019 to show resilience in the face of ongoing challenges.

Committee Reports

OSEA’s standing and ad hoc committees are made up of member volunteers who donate their time to support the union. At Conference 2021, each committee chair gave delegates a report on the activities of their committee from the last year.

Member and Chapter Recognition

OSEA celebrated some outstanding members and chapters who have gone above and beyond to serve our union.

OSEA 2021 Member and Chapter Recognition page.

Action on Resolutions; Elections

Delegates voted on 5 resolutions at Conference 2021. See the results of their actions here.

2021 Committee Reports

Board Reports

Committee Reports

Delegate Action on Resolutions

NumberTitleSubmitterPurposeDelegate Action
1Committees to Address External Threats April Biancone, North Clackamas Chapter 71 To form committees within each zone that develop strategies to combat the threats of opt-out groups. Approved
2Board of Directors Expenses OSEA Board of Directors To provide Board members with a $70 monthly stipend to be used for expenses incurred while conducting Association business, exclusive of travel expenses. Referred back to committee for further review.
3Appropriate Compensation for State President OSEA Board of Directors To provide the State President with full-time release, equivalent to 8 hours per day for the number of days worked by twelve-month employees. To further authorize OSEA to negotiate with the President’s employer school district to obtain full-time release for the State President. Referred back to committee for further review.
4Presentation of Conference Resolutions Tammy Burnett, Ashland Chapter 42
April Biancone, North Clackamas Chapter 71
To ensure that, at any Annual or Special Conference, the WHEREAS/RESOLVED clauses, Pro/Con/Fiscal Impact statements, and Scope of Amendment and amending language for each resolution are read in their entirety. To further allow that the reading of amending language may be suspended by a ⅔ vote of the delegates. Approved
5Withdrawn by Submitter ---
6Support for Universal Healthcare Brent Halse, Willamette ESDEA Chapter 95 To have OSEA support the movement for single-payer, affordable healthcare, both nationally and in Oregon, including federal and state legislation, such as the Improved Medicare for All Act. To further have OSEA educate members about the benefits of a single-payer healthcare system. Failed
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