Retired Oregon School Employees


OSEA’s program for retirees, ROSE, is designed to look out for the rights and benefits of retired OSEA members. ROSE is committed to the continued support of OSEA through activism and participation.

ROSE purpose:

  1. To meet the interests and needs of OSEA’s retired members.
  2. To provide opportunities for retired members to remain active while utilizing their talents and expertise to support OSEA.
  3. To work with local OSEA chapters to provide volunteers in assisting with mentoring, mobilizing and other activities.
  4. To enable retirees to remain aware of PERS and legislative measures affecting retiree issues.
  5. To become recognized by and participate in other retirement organizations, both nationally and statewide.
  6. To communicate OSEA information to retired OSEA members.

ROSE leaders:
ROSE officers are elected to serve one-year terms. Seven ROSE coordinators, one in each of the seven OSEA zones, are also chosen, along with a ROSE liaison who reports to the OSEA president and OSEA Board of Directors.

Current ROSE officers:
Chair: Bonnie Luisi
Vice Chair: Merlene Martin
Secretary-Treasurer: Jay Osborne

Zone I: Paula Kingsbury
Zone II: Everice Moro
Zone III: Stephanie Heins-Mueller
Zone IV: Marilyn Moss
Zone V: Kathryn Riegger
Zone VI: Linda Bradetich
Zone VII: Bonnie Luisi

OSEA members looking to retire can request a ROSE member application by calling the OSEA State Office at 800-252-OSEA (6732).

Who can belong:
Retired OSEA members

ROSE member benefits:

  • OSEA life insurance
  • OSEA member discounts
  • OSEA publications
  • PERS information
  • Legislative updates
  • OSEA training and events
  • Social activities

ROSE arranges opportunities for ROSE members to interact by hosting regional meetings, social activities and volunteer projects. Contact the State Office to find out who your zone coordinator is.

ROSE application
Click the above link to download a ROSE application form.

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