Section 1100 – Committee Meetings and Duties

1101 - Committee Meetings (2022 Conference – Board Meeting, October 2022)
Committee meetings shall be held in person. However, the President may authorize meetings be held in whole or in part via electronic means (i.e., audioconference, videoconference, etc.).

  1. Electronic meetings should only be utilized if all participating members have access to the appropriate technology, allowing all members to see and/or hear discussions/ debate simultaneously. The Association shall make every effort to ensure all participating members have the appropriate access.
  2. The Internet meeting service utilized must be an OSEA-approved platform; the meeting scheduled by the OSEA State Office.
  3. The committee chair shall send a meeting reminder to every member of their committee at least 5 days prior to the scheduled meeting. Such notice shall include the date, time and location of said meeting.
    1. If the option of electronic access is being utilized, the notice shall include login information via computer or telephone (i.e., URL, phone number, access code)
      1. Login time shall be scheduled 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.
      2. All participants must identify themselves prior to being allowed into the meeting.
    2. Any votes conducted in an in-person meeting shall be by voice or show of hands. Any votes conducted in whole or in part via electronic means shall be by roll call.

1102 - Credentials Committee (2017 Conference - Revised Board Meeting, April 2018; Revised 2018 Conference – Board Meeting, May 2019)

In accordance with Article VIII, Section 5, of the OSEA Constitution, the Credentials Committee shall be charged with the responsibility of verifying the eligibility and election of all members seeking delegate or alternate status at the Annual Conference.

  1. The committee shall consist of 3 members, who shall have Conference delegate status, appointed by the President not less than 10 days prior to the Conference.
  2. The committee shall, with OSEA staff assistance, compile a report of all members authorized to be seated as Conference voting delegates.
    1. Such report shall be rendered at the beginning of each business session and shall be kept updated as necessary during the Conference in order to determine delegate voting strength for purposes of establishing a quorum, roll call and secret ballot voting and elections.
    2. A copy of said report shall be provided to the State Secretary upon adoption by the Conference delegate body.
  3. Any member seeking delegate status at any Annual Conference who is not pre-registered as either a delegate or alternate prior to the pre-Conference registration deadline established by the Association shall be required to show proof of their election as a chapter delegate or alternate with a copy of the minutes of the meeting at which the election was held and signed by both the chapter president and secretary
    Any member not pre-registered who is deemed to be an automatic delegate based on their election to a specific chapter office as specified in the chapter’s local operating procedures must provide a copy of such document(s) to the committee prior to any certification and seating as a delegate.
  4. In the event an elected delegate who has been pre-registered cannot attend the Conference, and thereby forfeiting their delegate status, the vacancy may be filled with a previously-elected alternate provided the chapter provides the committee sufficient documentation that the elected delegate has voluntarily withdrawn. If there is no elected alternate, the chapter may conduct a new election to replace the withdrawn delegate, time permitting. In this event, any newly-elected delegate shall, prior to credentialing and seating as a Conference delegate, provide the committee with documentation ensuring (1) proper notice of the new election was provided to the chapter membership at least 15 days prior to the elections, and (2) the minutes of the meeting where the election was held, signed by both the chapter president and chapter secretary, reflect a secret ballot election was conducted.
  5. Except as provided herein, seated delegates in attendance who leave the Conference prior to its conclusion shall notify the committee of their voluntary withdrawal and shall surrender their delegate credentials/badge prior to the seating of any authorized alternate.
    1. Delegates who must be absent from the Conference on a temporary basis due to emergency or other personal reasons shall not be considered as withdrawn and shall not be replaced by any alternate.
    2. Delegates who must leave the Conference prior to its conclusion and do not have the opportunity to notify the committee of their voluntary withdrawal may only be replaced by an alternate provided such alternate seeking delegate status or the chapter president or chapter secretary provides sufficient evidence to the committee that the absent delegate is unable to return, in which case the delegate who left shall be deemed to have withdrawn for the remainder of the Conference.
  6. Any alternate seeking delegate status for any reason at the Conference site shall be required to pay the established registration fee(s) for that specific Conference prior to being seated as a delegate unless the delegate being replaced has previously paid the fee(s).
  7. Any decision(s) of the Credentials Committee denying delegate or alternate status may be appealed to the Conference voting body whose decision shall be final. Such challenge to a committee decision shall first be presented to the committee by the member(s) adversely affected by the decision. The appeal shall then be brought forward by the committee chair to the Conference floor for delegate action. It shall require a majority vote to sustain a decision of the committee.
  8. All credentialing records of delegates and alternates, reports and other Conference credential materials shall be kept on file for at least 1 year.

1103 - Conference Committee (2018 Conference – Board Meeting, May 2019)

  1. In accordance with Article VIII and Article XIII of the OSEA Constitution, the Conference Committee shall be charged with the responsibility to plan and coordinate the activities of the Annual Conference including, but not limited to:
    1. Researching and making site visits into possible Conference locations in order to make recommendations to the Annual Conference where delegates shall, by secret ballot vote, select from a list of sites for ensuing Conferences for as many years in advance as are proposed by the committee.
      1. The committee shall use established criteria when evaluating potential Conference sites to include:
        1. Available dates;
        2. Lodging capacity and room rates;
        3. Meeting space availability and fees;
        4. Menu and pricing range; and
        5. Third party audio visual options and fees.
      2. Prior to Conference action, delegates shall be provided with information for each proposed site including lodging room rates, meal costs and projected cost to the Association.
      3. Locations not proposed by the committee or ballot write-ins shall not be considered or counted.
    2. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the overall Conference program, including registration fees and other necessary charges; the Conference theme, logo, lapel pin and banner; and banquet entertainment.
    3. Cause to be published in the OSEA Journal and posted on the official OSEA website a comprehensive Conference program and activities as approved by the Board of Directors including registration procedures/fees and delegate/alternate election requirements.
    4. Designate Conference facility areas with delegate table designations and assigned tables for candidate campaign materials and state committees.
    5. Other such duties as directed or necessary to effectively conduct the Annual Conference.
  2. The committee chairs shall, prior to the beginning of Conference, designate a sufficient number of committee members to assist the appointed sergeant-at-arms in the enforcement of applicable Conference rules and procedures during the course of the Conference.
  3. The committee shall be responsible for any duties and/or procedures contained herein applicable for any OSEA special Conference called by the Board of Directors.

1104 - Election Committee

In addition to the duties set forth in the OSEA Constitution, Article XI, Section 3, the Election Committee shall establish and set forth guidelines and procedures for the conduct of the elections (including special elections as set forth in Article IX, Section 5) of the officers of OSEA specified in Article IX as well as any other office or position of the State Association that requires election by secret ballot. The guidelines and procedures established by the Election Committee shall be consistent with the Constitution and Board Policy of OSEA as well as the LMRDA as amended. Additionally, the Election Committee shall be responsible for the physical conduct of these elections up to and including the tally of the votes and declaring the results to the delegate body upon completion of the final tally. (Revised 2008 Conference)

1105 - Civil and Human Rights Committee (2018 Conference - Board Meeting, January 2019)

In accordance with Article XI, Section 3, of the OSEA Constitution, the Civil and Human Rights Committee shall study the educational needs of all members regarding civil and human rights issues having an effect on themselves and each other as members of the Association and work to develop suitable programs and procedures to satisfy these needs; develop and cause to be published information and training materials regarding: (1) economic justice and civil rights in the workplace and awareness, resources and procedures regarding discrimination and harassment of any kind including retaliation for reporting same; and promote and encourage member participation in such programs as may be approved by the Board of Directors and assist with the implementation of such programs when called upon to do so and with approval of the Board of Directors.

1106 - Government Relations Member Advocate Award (GRMAA) (Board Meeting, February 2011)

OSEA is a member-controlled and directed union that reflects the character and spirit of its members who, individually and collectively, are responsible for its identity and success. One of OSEA’s responsibilities is to serve as the political and legislative voice of the membership that defends and promotes public education, public services and a labor-friendly Oregon. Achieving OSEA’s government relations (political and legislative) priorities depends on the support of the membership and the commitment and dedication of individual members.

OSEA has created the GRMAA in honor of those members who, during their time as an OSEA member, have been outstanding government relations activists and leaders. Recipients of this award are recognized for their long history of participation and leadership roles in OSEA’s government relations programs and activities at the local, state and/or national levels. The award is given at the OSEA Conference. Current and former members of OSEA are eligible for this award.

The OSEA Government Relations Committee (GRC) and government relations office (GRO) jointly select the recipient of this award. The committee will solicit nominations for the award from all members of OSEA. The deadline for nominations will be March 1 of each year. This award is presented when the GRC and GRO determine a nomination meets the established criteria.