Excessive Heat Work Rights

Every year, thousands of American workers get sick from heat exhaustion and heat stroke. That’s why OSEA and our labor partners fought for ⁠— and won ⁠— increased rights and protections for Oregonians working in heat and smoke. With highs above 100 in many parts of the state, we want to ensure that every OSEA-represented worker knows their rights and how to stay safe on the job.

Under new rules from Oregon OSHA, employers must take steps to ensure the safety of employees working outside or without air conditioning in extreme heat:

  • Provide access to shade
  • Provide cool drinking water
  • Train workers and supervisors on heat-related illnesses and safe working practices
  • Ensure employees take rest breaks
  • Ensure employees are monitored for signs of heat illness and are able to call for emergency medical assistance if needed

OSHA's Heat Illness Prevention Rules (PDF)