Stoelb Elected to 3rd AFT VP Term

OSEA President Tim Stoelb was reelected to a third 2-year term as an AFT vice president at AFT’s National Convention last week in Minneapolis.

As our OSEA Board of Directors conducts the business of the association between conferences, the AFT Executive Council, chaired by AFT President Randi Weingarten, likewise conducts the business of the AFT between conventions. The council consists of representatives from six AFT divisions; Teachers, Higher Education, Public Services, Paraprofessionals and School-Related Personnel (PSRP), Healthcare and Early Childhood Education.  Stoelb’s position on the Executive Council allows him to advocate directly on behalf of classified employees (PSRPs) at a national level.

Stoelb joins 42 other vice presidents and three national officers on the AFT Executive Council.

“The passion of our members is truly a sight to behold,” Stoelb said. “Thanks to their dedication, our influence continues to grow at each AFT convention. I couldn’t be prouder to represent Oregon on the national level.”

OSEA works closely with the PSRP division of AFT, which represents more than 360,000 school support staff in K-12 districts, colleges and universities throughout the country. The work of the division is directed by the PSRP Program and Policy Council (PPC), an appointed leadership group of 28 members from around the country. This group provides guidance and advice on new programs and services for PSRP members, helping to enrich the lives of both members and students.  In addition to his duties as an AFT vice president, Stoelb also serves on the PSRP PPC and the AFT Benefits Committee