Education & Labor Advocacy Fund

OSEA’s Education and Labor Advocacy Fund (ELAF) is the most effective way for members to support our political action. By contributing to ELAF, you will help OSEA campaign for candidates and ballot measures that will improve our members’ lives – and against the ones that would hurt us.

You don’t have to make a big donation to make a big difference. When OSEA members put our resources together, we are powerful!

Collective bargaining is an important tool to improve our working conditions, participating in elections is another way OSEA members can make our voices heard and change our state for the better. Thanks to members like you who contribute to ELAF, OSEA has helped school districts secure millions of dollars in bonds and levies to build new facilities and hire more staff.

Donating to ELAF may not cost you a thing if you take advantage of the Oregon Political Tax Credit. You may be able to claim your entire contribution, up to $50 for those filing individually or $100 for joint filers (your spouse does not need to be an OSEA member to contribute or claim the credit).

Complete the One-Time Donation Contribution Form to donate to ELAF by cash or check.

Donate by Payroll Deduction (PDF) One-Time Donation Contribution Form (PDF)