What We Do

OSEA members are stronger together. As individuals, we have a limited impact on decisions made by our employers, even when they affect our livelihoods. But united as OSEA, we can stand up for our jobs, students and communities. Our union gives us rights and protections that other workers do not have. That’s why union members make 11 percent more, on average, than non-union workers in similar jobs.

Collective Bargaining

As your union, OSEA is here to help you succeed on the job. We defend the rights of all employees we represent. OSEA members bargain contracts that guarantee our salary, job security, benefits and workplace rights.

Every chapter negotiates its own contract, or collective bargaining agreement (CBA), with its employer. To negotiate and enforce our CBAs, chapters have support from OSEA’s professional field representatives. Our representatives are experts in state and federal laws, including:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Health and safety
  • Medical and family leave
  • Disability accommodations

Support on the Job

OSEA represents you if you are ever treated unfairly at work. Your union contract gives you rights and protects you and your job. It has provisions that cover salary, scheduling, paid leave, discipline and more. If your employer breaks the contract, your OSEA chapter and field representative have your back.

Training & Resources

OSEA members and leaders have access to trainings and resources covering:

  • Chapter leadership
  • New employee and membership outreach
  • Serving as a union steward or worksite organizer
  • Professional development


We are educators because we care about our students and communities. Members take care of one another. We look out for our schools, families, neighbors and partners. We offer help in times of hardship and celebrate each other’s victories. That’s why OSEA feels like so much more than a union – we are a family.