Annual Conference

Oregon School Employees Association’s (OSEA) highest governing body are the delegates to the annual Conference. Each year, Conference delegates take action to set the course for our union’s future during OSEA’s most important event of the year. Delegates elected to represent each of OSEA’s 138 chapters convene to conduct essential business democratically. Our 86th Annual Conference will be held June 27-29, 2024, in Portland, Oregon.

Conference 2023: Together We Shine

OSEA’s 85th Annual Conference was held on June 22 to June 24, 2023, in Portland, Oregon.

Conference 2023 Recap

What Happens at Conference?

Conference delegates gather to discuss and share ideas, build union strength and attend to the most important business of our union. This includes:

  • Voting on Resolutions — Any member can submit an idea to make OSEA better as a resolution before Conference delegates. Resolutions amend our governing documents. Delegates will debate and vote on each resolution to determine whether or not an amendment will be made.
  • Electing Officers — Between Conferences, OSEA is led by members elected to serve on the Board of Directors. Board members are elected at Conference each year.
  • Passing the Budget — OSEA’s Finance Committee prepares a budget each year and presents it to Conference delegates for a vote. The budget must be approved by Conference delegates before it is implemented.

There is also plenty of fun and community building! Conference also includes the presidents’ state of the union address, professional development workshops, Bingo, auctions, karaoke, zone meetings and more!